4 Things you can do that will Sabotage your Child Custody Case

A divorce is a challenging process to go through, and it gets even more complicated when children are in the picture. This overwhelming time can cause you to act or react in a manner that will jeopardize your case.

Going through a divorce is tough – there’s often lots of emotions involved, including anger, sadness, anxiety and so on. But despite this, it is critical that you behave accordingly because the court will assess your behaviour in its entirety all through the proceedings. Acting or reacting irrationally will detrimentally affect your case. Here are four things you can do that will sabotage your child custody case:

Not seeking legal help

It’s easy to assume that you are in control, and negate the need to work with an experienced child custody lawyer. However, this isn’t always the right decision. Hiring a Galveston divorce lawyer is your best shot at winning the case – first, they have the necessary experience navigating through such matters. Second, they are familiar with the laws, law enforcement officers and the courtroom where your case will be heard (if it ends up in litigation). Third, they can set up child support. Fourth, they’ll put your child’s interest first, and five, they will help you remove stress from the process. Most importantly, your attorney will help you adhere to the best interest of the child standards.

Making a mistake in your behaviour

During a divorce, it is easy to lose your cool and become frustrated when dealing with your ex or even the court. Unfortunately, doing this will only result in severe or even overwhelming consequences in your case. Ideally, you don’t want to lose your cool, but instead, be calm. And by all means, do not go into physical confrontations with your ex, irrespective of how nasty the argument gets. Domestic violence can and will prevent you from obtaining custody. Above all, steer clear of alcohol and substance abuse – especially when visiting your kids. Otherwise, this may subject you to a series of drugs tests and consequently bar you from gaining access to the children.

Not paying child support

If the court ordered you to pay child support, do so religiously. Should you face a financial challenge that restricts you from paying – such as job loss – be sure to file a motion with the court, and do so with haste. Bringing your case to the judge’s attention may help lift some burden from your shoulder. But if you fail to pay child support minus court approval, you might lose your visitation rights and custody altogether.

Moving in with a significant other

Divorce is already hard on your children – but things get worse when it becomes apparent that you transferred your love to another person. Since moving in with a significant other is not in the child’s best interest, the court will be reluctant to expose your children to such truths – especially during the divorce proceedings. So, do not move in with your new flame until the case is over, and even a while after.

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