4 Ways to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe for Your Family

As is the case with pretty much anything humans are involved with – it’s always easier to destroy something than to build it.

The same is true for your house.

Installing a massive trampoline in the middle of your living room might seem like a brilliant idea at first, but what should you do when half of your family gets brain hemorrhage? Or, worse still, when your ceiling gets completely destroyed with inverse craters all over the place! (Well, mostly archipelago-ed above the trampoline area.)

That’s right, a trampoline doesn’t look like that much of a great idea now, does it?

Or, you may have an odd (but otherwise completely fun) idea of stuffing your grandma in a cannon and launching her towards the stars. But is going to jail and losing a grandma worth those couple of seconds to a minute (until she lands) of absolute joy? Hell ye…. NO! We meant to say ‘No, no it isn’t!

So, if you’re looking to make changes to your house’s layout, how about making the place a safer and healthier place for your family.

In this article, we’re going to give you a couple of suggestions on how you can make this happen. To be exact, we’ve got 4 tips for you to take a look at.

Right then, without further ado, here’s the deal.

4 Ways to Make Your House Safer & Healthier

1) Stop Smoking (Indoors, at Least)

Although an entry such as this may not be what you’ve anticipated, the logic behind it is perfectly reasonable.

Cigarette smoke indoors will make the rooms stuffy and make your furniture smelling like tobacco. Pretty annoying, it’d be like living in 1920’s when everyone smoked everywhere!

2) Test Your House for Poisonous Gases

Depending on your house’s location, it may fall victim to some poisonous gas leakages.

These gases can creep up into your living room from the poorly covered and protected floors, from the walls, you name it. As long as there’s a source nearby, you can expect these gases to be able to penetrate further into your house, potentially putting your family in harm’s way.

Lead-rich paint on your walls can also be poisonous, for the record. So, if you suspect your home may fall victim to such a set of circumstances, invite some local professionals to do the necessary tests and determine if your house is safe in this respect.

3) Stop Using Plastic Bottles

And we mean those ‘BPA-rich’ plastic bottles, for the record!

Some scientific studies show that drinking out of plastic bottles that contain this BPA (Bisphenol A) can be potentially dangerous for out health.

Therefore, until the scientists figure out whether or not it’s bad for you, or to what degree it’s bad, you might want to chuck out all plastic bottles from your house and use glass bottles instead. Or use plastic bottles, but those that have ‘BPA-free’ on their label. It’s big now – BPA-free plastic objects.

4) Install an Anti-Fire Solution

No matter how well-insulated your house is and how careful you are when cooking and stoking the wood stove, for example, accidental fires can still break out. And once they do, there’s really no telling what can happen next!

Therefore, to ensure your house will be safe and sound come hell or high water (or high fire, rather), install a system of fire ducts from ThorDuct and set a couple of fire extinguishers at crucial points throughout the house.

All things considered, your family’s health and safety has no price, so if other than quitting smoking indoors, you may want to invest some resources to ensure all the systems in your house are up-and-running, and that they can be taken care of if they stop running! Remember, those fire ducts and fire extinguishers may represent a bit of a monetary expenditure at first, but they’ll be worth every penny in case some unexpected situation pops up!

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