5 Facts About Migraine You Didn’t Know Of!

Migraine has become so common to people that it is considered one of the forms of headaches which can arise to anybody. While science has still to figure out the right cause for the occurrence of migraine, there is always confusion in the mind of someone who goes though migraine.

Unless you suffer from migraine yourself, you won’t understand the magnitude with which it really affects an individual. From being sensitive to light and sound to saving oneself from triggers of the pain – it is all about living and managing the causes to save a day!

And if you think you have decoded this disease, here are some facts that you probably didn’t know!

Migraine is world’s 3rd most common disease!

Migraine specialist nj has stated time and again that impacting about 2 per cent of the world’s total population, Migraine is the 3rd most common disease. It affects almost one out of 7 people. Chances are that if you don’t suffer from it, someone in your family does!

Women are more prone than men

About 3/4th of the total migraine patients are women. According to a lot of studies and researches made on rats it was found that while estrogen is at its peak the effects of migraine are less. The statistics are enough to say the women are most affected.

Headache is just a symptom of migraine

What is considered as a form of diseases – the headache, is actually just a symptom of migraine. Migraine is a neurological condition which is caused due to some activity in the brain i.e. inflammation. This has many symptoms like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, head throbbing, increased sensitivity etc. And of course the most painful and severe – headache!

Migraine effects differently to different people

There are different triggers for different people. Migraine is different for different people depending on their way of living and habits. Most common triggers though include: weather changes, stress, sleeping patterns, lights, medications, audio and visual effects etc.

Is manageable not curable!

As the root cause of migraine is still not found by the scientists treating migraine completely isn’t possible yet! However migraine specialist nj suggest a variety of ways to manage and control it. These are advised with complete understanding of each individual upon their experiences.

Migraine specialist nj provide for specialist understanding of migraine to provide quality advice. They diagnose, treat, and help patients control migraine symptoms in the most effective way!

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