5 Ways To Prepare An Outdoor Living Space In Winter

The Australian climate allows us to enjoy outdoor living most days. However, with cooler weather settling in during the winter months, staying outdoors — especially on the patio or deck — may prove to be a bit much. If you’re one of those people who already make great use of their deck or patio in the summer months, why not consider using the following ways to enhance the liveability of your outdoor space and beat the winter chill with these ideas.

Add an Awning

The reason you’re not able to use your deck in winter is probably because it is directly exposed to the elements. Installing an awning over the deck will provide the much-needed cover to keep out the winter chill. Awnings come in many different styles, designs and colours to suit your tastes and your home’s personality. Some awning styles, such as retractable awnings, retractable roofs, pergola awnings, louvered roofs, etc., allow you to keep cool in the shade during summer and block out the cold; but can still open up to let in the lower-set winter sun when you need more light.

Make Use of External Shutters or Blinds

If your patio already has an existing covering, be it an awning, louvered roof or pergola, you can provide protection from the winter wind chill by installing external shutters, blinds, or outdoor screens. These patio accessories are available in a wide variety of fabric and colours, making it easy to find one that blends perfectly with your home’s look and feel. They will not only help block the cold but also make your outdoor area much more private.

Outdoor Heating

Another great way to make your patio or deck cosy and inviting this winter is installing an outdoor heating feature. Chimneys, fire pits, fireplaces and radiant heaters are all outdoor heating solutions; thus, you can make your outdoor living areas comfortable and warm.

Louvered Roof

Want a better way to spend a winter evening than sitting near a warm, cosy fire, all bundled up and enjoying the crisp outdoor air? Outdoor heating solutions can be found in many different design styles to suit the needs of your home. louvred patio roof builders Sunscreen Sydney can build some models that are powered through your home’s gas supply, and there are electric versions, as well.

Lighting for Ambience

Outdoor lighting can change the appearance of a patio dramatically and for the better, especially on those dull, grey, winter days. Proper lighting also adds to the feeling of warmth in the evenings. There are many options for outdoor lighting to customise your preference, depending on how the space looks and feels. For example, you may want to use overhead lighting for when you need visibility, or you might want to install dimmer lighting to create a romantic lounge-like atmosphere. Or, if your space is large enough, you may want to consider creating illumination with lamps around the perimeter and using candles in the centre. The options are endless.

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