6 Reasons Why Your Tattoo Removal Could Be Unsuccessful

While we would all like to believe that every tattoo removal works out perfectly, the reality is that not all of them do.

The technology is there and that does work really well but there are several other factors that can impact your sessions and your results.

Why Your Tattoo Removal Could Fail

  1. The wrong laser was used

Not all lasers are suited to tattoo removal so if your clinician ends up using the wrong one, it could mean that you’re left with a partial tattoo, burns or even post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Scarring is another common side effect when the wrong laser is used. Wavelengths play an important role in how well your tattoo will be removed and only certain types of lasers are capable of emitting the different wavelengths required to remove all ink colours.

  1. Your clinician doesn’t have the right experience

In order for your tattoo to be successfully removed, your clinician needs to have a thorough understanding of the skins anatomy as well as the proper laser protocols. Tattoo removal specialists such as Clinica Lase from Melbourne only work with highly-qualified laser technicians who have the necessary experience with tattoo removal and understand how to work with the latest technology. An experienced clinician not only needs to know how to work with your specific skin type but understand how to treat a tattoo based on the size, location and the colours that were used.

  1. You have existing scarring

If your skin is already scarred from previous laser treatments it can have an effect on your tattoo removal results. Your skin should never form overly large blisters to bleed excessively following a laser session as this is what leads to scarring. Again, a qualified and experienced clinician will understand what is required to prevent this from happening.

  1. You took a DIY approach first

Using a DIY kit to remove your tattoo at home can damage your skin quite significantly. Kits that encourage the use of an abrasive device and salt to slowly get rid of your tattoo is not effective or safe. Damaging your skin in this way can lead to infection and it can leave you with scars that will make laser removal difficult.

  1. Poor patient care

If you receive poor treatment at a cosmetic clinic, it can greatly impact the results of your tattoo removal. A reputable clinic will never put you at risk of scarring and infection so if you have received poor customer service, it’s a good indication of the type of results you can expect too.

  1. A non-existent guarantee

A reputable clinic will always be able to give you a good idea of how many treatment you will require before your tattoo can be completely removed. If a clinician is not able to offer you a treatment guarantee during your consultation, it speaks to the quality of treatments that you can expect, which means that there’s a good chance you won’t be happy with the results. Taking the time to choose the right cosmetic clinic can make all the difference to your tattoo removal results.

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