7 Sexy Ways to Get In the Mood for Valentine’s Day

It is that time of the year again. Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In case you were wondering what to do to make it memorable for yourself and your partner, we have put together some great ideas to help you make it a highly romantic and memorable day. Read on for some nice, sexy ways to get in the mood for the Valentine’s Day and enjoy some great moments full of love and affection and make your relation more strong.

1)    Play Around With Your Hair

It goes for both genders but especially for the ladies. Having good and healthy hair will get your confidence really high. You will feel sexier if your hair looks sexy. What’s more? Almost all men like it when their woman does her hair especially for them. It is worth taking a trip to the salon for some new styling. Your partner will love it.

2)    Spend Some Time In the Gym

This one is for both genders too. Admittedly, this should be done on a regular basis but some additional time in the gym in preparation for the day of love would be good. Of course, sex is a good workout in itself but breaking some sweat in the gym is a nice way to feel energized and get your body in rhythm. It will make you feel good about your body. And that good feeling will translate into feeling good about sharing your body with your special someone.

3)    Some Sexting Is Good

Send your Valentine a steamy text to let them know you cannot wait for some hot and passionate V-day love. It can often get you and your partner going. Send your partner an amazing valentine gift along with rose flower to make them feel more romantic.

4)    Eat Some Superfoods

It is no secret that staying fit helps in having better and more sex. There are a few foods you can eat that will not just help you stay fit and healthy but also turn up the passion under the sheets. These include the following.

  •     Plum

Plums help prevent the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels and keep those arteries clear. According to the British Journal of Nutrition,clean arteries are the way greater pleasure because better blood circulation enhances arousal.

  •     Chickpeas

Rich in energy, chickpeas help widen blood vessels and speed up natural lubrication. More energy means more stamina in the bedroom.

  •     Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy alternative to vegetable oil and other saturated fats. Take 2 tablespoons of olive oil for a healthy fat count. It will also improve your sex drive.

5)    List Down the Good Stuff

Sometimes, we all need a little reminder of why we fell in love in the first place and why we can’t get enough of each other. So, just go ahead and make a list of things you love about your significant other and what makes you so attracted to them. Not only will this help you get in the mood for the day, but you will also remember to thank your partner for being there for you.

6)    A Toast to That Special Someone

How about staying in this time around? Think about it. No big crowd to navigate your way through, no battle for a parking spot, no waiting for a table. Create a playlist of sexy      songs, light a few candles, fix a nice meal together, and top it off with a delicious champagne cocktail for a nice evening. You can decorate your bed with roses to make your partner feel more romantic. You can order for fresh roses online and pair it with a best valentine gift to surprise your partner.

7)    Get the Right Colors

The right color and shade can often set the mood for the evening and indeed the whole day. Of course, nothing says romance and passion quite like the color red. Be it the bed sheets, curtains, or some other accessory in the room; add different shades of this sultry and vibrant color to get yourself and your special one in the mood.

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