Awning, Sliding or Tilt and Turn Windows? Ask the Experts and Make a Selection

With less knowledge about window trends and style options, most of the homeowners find it difficult to pick up the right type of windows. Apart from considering aesthetics and architectural needs, there are a lot of features to look at, particularly the lifestyle, climate and home’s location. During the process to choose the right window type, here are some of the top recommendations by the experts that intend to provide certain benefits for the home.

  • Casement Windows

When it comes to the ease in opening and closing, casement windows turn out to be the best option. They are made up of vinyl and provide weather tight sealing with high thermal performance in order to resist drafts from going inside. A hinge is placed at one side that lets the sashes to operate just like a door and ensure optimal ventilation.

  • European Tilt and Turn Windows

No window type could be able to provide the European charm that tilt and turn windows are able to offer. They swing inward when turned in a direction to open while for ventilation, homeowners can also open the lower portion. They maximize airflow along with security to keep the inhabitants safe and comfortable in all weather conditions. With specialty glass and lockable handles, intruders couldn’t find a way to break-in. Also, they are efficient to provide an air-tight seal and sound insulation.

  • Awning Windows

Claiming to be an easy-to-maintain window design, homeowners are rest assured to make no efforts to operate the windows. Unlike tilt and turn windows Toronto, they open outward from the bottom to maximize airflow and keep rain outside. They are usually designed for bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms.

  • Double Slider Windows

As the name suggests, double sliders move in both directions as inhabitants want. However, when it comes to increasing airflow, they can tilt inward as well. The best part is that they are quite easy to clean and with Energy Star certification, they pride to offer exceptional energy performance.

  • Picture Windows

There are some areas that need windows to remain closed, no matter what the weather and location is. For such places, picture windows are the perfect option as they are designed to hold one place until they are removed after some time. They do not allow ventilation but make sure not the hinder the way of natural light.

  • Single/Double Hung Windows

Hung windows are provided with sashes that operate in two different ways- in single hung windows, the bottom panel is responsible to move vertically or horizontally, as per its design. On the contrary, double hung windows let both sashes to move for maximum air circulation and freshness. The latter type is more efficient and economical against the price charged.

  • Shaped Windows

These windows are capable of adding extra flair and elegance to the traditional window design. With more than 20 varieties, homeowners are sure to fall in love with its looks and shapes that range from rectangular to arched to curves.

Selecting a particular window type is not as easy as it seems like because homeowners have to look at numerous factors and aspects that are usually not available at one place. Whether they want to install tilt and turn windows, sliders or casements, the rule of thumb is to always visit the specialist for recommendations.

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