Benefits of Drinking Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf is a type of nutritious tea that is brewed by steeping dried tea in hot water. There are several types of loose leaf tea such as black tea, green tea, herbal tisanes, white tea, loose leaf oolong tea, among others. Unlike tea bags, it has more nutrients due to its large surface area-has bigger area of retaining essential oils that add flavor to your tea.

The following are the advantages of consuming loose leaf tea

1) Lower cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels are a health hazard as you begin to age. Regularly taking tea has been proven to help lower cholesterol levels in your body over a period of time. This is a quick win when it comes to watching your health, it is quick, cheap and effective.

2) Prevention of cancer

Loose leaf green tea has been proven by medical specialists to fight cancerous cells in your body. The tea does not heal cancer but prevents cancer. In the early stages of the disease when cancerous cells are building up in the body, green tea is essential in fighting them. It would be silly not to seek these benefits.

3) Weight reduction

Heavyweight is not healthy for you. High levels of fats in your body can cause heart-related conditions and diabetes. Loose leaf tea is ideal in quickening the process of the metabolism-higher rate of metabolism leads to the right weight. It is the healthiest way to lose weight.

4) Boosts immune system

Loose leaf tea is effective in improving the level of immune in your body. Caffeine found in tea has a medicinal level in your body in promoting the level of your immune. Regular taking of tea ensures the level of your immune.

5) Boosts your memory

Caffeine is proven to help sharpening your mind. It can help to increase your memory and clarity. There are many scientific experiments that show the power of caffeine in assisting memory. Although there are some studies that show too much caffeine can have a negative effect on your memory as it over stimulates the brain.

6) Reduces inflammation

Loose tea leaf is excellent in reducing bowel inflammation. Bowel inflammation causes discomfort and loss of appetite. Taking tea beverage prepared with this type of tea reduces the swelling. However, it does not adequately cure, so you still need to seek medical assistance if the condition is mild.

7) Prevents heart-related condition

Heart related problems can be caused by high level of cholesterol levels in your body. The high cholesterol prevents proper functioning of your heart leading to this heart-related condition. Green loose-leaf tea can reduce the cholesterol levels in your body therefore minimizing the chances of contracting heart related issues.

However, this type of tea can not cure an already established condition. It is just a preventive measure.

Is loose leaf tea for me?

Loose leaf tea is proven to be beneficial to your body, both physically and mentally. The caffeine found in the tea has healing effects and other positive impacts on your body.

It would be silly not to take advantage of the benefits of loose-leaf tea. Regularly drinking high quality loose leaf tea is a cost-effective way to improve your health and reduce the effects of aging and other diseases.

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