Bold color choices need a solid base

While wooden floors can add warmth and a sense of style to a room, too much beige can become wearing. One of the best ways to keep the cozy feel of wood floors without overdosing on the brown end of the color palate is to opt for grey wooden flooring. It has the same benefits of adaptability to rooms from a home office to a living room, is as hard wearing and feels good on bare feet. At the same time, choosing grey opens up different options for the colors of your walls, fixtures and furnishings.

The sort of colors you can match with grey wooden floors range from cooler blues and whites, to restful greens or even warming yellow or orange tones. Some of these colors might work with a beige wooden floor but others (orange for example) are just too much. In other words, a grey wooden flooring allows you to be more creative with the tones you choose when decorating by acting as a base or anchor for you to work from. Unless you plan to paint your walls grey and have all other furnishings grey as well, you’ll find that your grey floor does not make a vibrant color choice too busy or even a more restrained palate too dull.

It’s well worth experimenting with samples to get an idea for what tones will best match and come together to create a look that will really suit your home. Don’t be afraid to step away from your preconceptions about what a wooden floor will do to your room. Do use a strong but neutral color like grey to form a base on which to build your own unique style while still adding a touch of class to your home.

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