Choosing a backpack for your child and ensuring it’s safe for him – Few tips

When you put your kids back to school, this is both an amazing time for you and your kids. Apart from being an exciting time, it is also one of the most important times to consider the safety about your child as long as choosing the best backpack is concerned. When it comes to making sure that your child is safe with his backpack, you can take into account the style of the backpack, its weight, the way in which it is packed and how it is worn; as these comprise of the main components of school safety.

Backpack safety – What makes it such an important issue?

As per reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it was found out that improperly packed and heavy backpacks led to more than 15,000 injuries in a year and half of these injuries was from tripping and falling due to the excessive weight. These kids usually landed up straight in the emergency room and such statistics are really sad.

Muscle strains are also one among the most popular injuries which are related to backpacks and this was said by Dr. Charles, Director of Pediatrics. Such injuries lead to inflammation and pain for children and sometimes they even lead to more fatal injuries. So, before you purchase kids bags for sale, make sure you’re investing in the best one for your child.

The tricks to choosing the best backpack for your kid

As long as backpack safety is concerned, it starts off with selecting the most appropriate backpack for your kid. With the multiple sizes and shapes that are available, it is sometimes daunting and intimidating to choose the best one. Nevertheless, we are helping you with few factors that you should check before choosing kids backpacks. Check them out.

  • The material should be lightweight and soft

Backpacks which are made of nylon, polyester or canvas usually tend to be softer, more lightweight and more durable than the others. Check whether or not there are any rigid and hard edges which can lead to discomfort for your child. If there are rigid edges, the child may find it tough to carry the backpack properly.

  • Get the proportionate size that’s tailored for your child

Although this is a tough thing to find out in readymade backpacks but you should still try to get a backpack which is proportionate according to the size your child’s torso. The top of the backpack should rest on the shoulders of the child and the bottom shouldn’t reach more than 2 inches beneath his waist.

  • They should have adjustable thick straps

When a backpack has wide and thick straps, this offers better distribution of weight and support. Try to select a backpack which has got straps that rest easily on the shoulders without rubbing against the underarms.

Therefore, if you take into account all these points before buying a backpack for your child, you can certainly ensure backpack safety and save your child from any accidents and injuries.

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