Choosing Paving Materials for you Driveway and Paths:

Your driveway and paths in your garden are an essential part of your landscaping. It is usually the frame, and it affects the look of the whole property. Different materials have different visual effects. And there are other considerations as well, such as cost and maintenance. Here is a look at the most common paving materials.

  • Concrete is a prevalent material; if it is well cared for and applied with care, it can last 30 years, although usually less. Concrete on its own has a predictable, dull grey appearance. Not exciting, but neutral can be good. Concrete can be coloured, however, and beyond that, it can be stamped with patterns to resemble rocks or pavers. Each upgrade adds to the cost, but it is a very practical choice.
  • Asphalt: Asphalt is the least glamourous but has advantages. It is easy to apply with the right machinery, and it is recyclable. So, it is quite eco-friendly. Asphalt has limited options for appearance. But the lovely black can be attractive if well maintained.
  • Tarmacadam: This is a similar product to asphalt; both are tar and aggregate compound. For more information, you can contact driveway contractors in Tamworth. Tarmac is typically top coated with rock chips, and this can be done in attractive styles.
  • Pavers: Pavers can sometimes be the easiest solution for small jobs. Pavers come in a tremendous variety of styles, and with a skilled craftsman, elegant designs can be created. For large paver projects, experts are strongly suggested.

Cruising your neighbourhood and searching the internet will help you choose what paving material is suitable for your project.

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