Control Your Indoor And Outdoor Wood Damages Due To Carpenter Ant Invasion

Carpenter ants work in groups. They prepare their nest where they get food and water conveniently. Their main nest is handled by the mother queen who sits there for years. These ants are similar to termites but they only destroy wood for their nest and don’t feed on it. Two types of carpenter ants, red and black are equally troublesome.

Hence, if you see a line of ants in your house don’t try to smash then with slippers or put chemicals on it. Simply call a renowned pest control firm like Solution Cimex and get free of them conveniently. You can also visit their website to get more details on the firm. They not only handle ants but also deal in termites and bed bugs.

There are two types of reproductive carpenter ants –

  • Reproductive females
  • Reproductive males

Reproductive females

They come out from their nest in spring and have wings to fly. They generally mate at this time and look for a wet part of wood where they can prepare their nest. This female ant is supposed to be the future queen of the eggs that hatch. Once laying the eggs she sheds her wings and lies in her nest for the remaining of her life which can be 15 or 20 years. Until her first babies don’t mature she stores food in her body and wings. Once these babies are grown up, then it is their job to collect food and bring back to nest.

Reproductive males

They also emerge in spring to breed on female ants. After mating they all die because of starvation. It is the female ants that throw them out of nest during mating time. Since they don’t work or look for food therefore, they die. Males are smaller in comparison to future queens. Although they are harmless but their presence nearby indicates one obvious nest inside the home.

These ants get no nutrition from woods thus they only create a hole to keep their nest. Here are simple tactics to destroy infestation –

  • Seal the hole through which ants enter your house.
  • Trim all branches and removes wires that can make their path easy.
  • Keep all fire wood distant from your home and lock sweet items in a fresh container.
  • There shouldn’t be any dampness or moisture inside the house. Therefore, always maintain proper ventilation inside the house.

Although their nest isn’t as harmful as termites but sever damage can happen if they are left for years because they dig deeper into the wood which can make your wood structure hollow and weak.

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