Did You Know That Asbestos Kills Around 100,00 People Worldwide Per Year?

Most people in Perth will be pretty oblivious to the risks of asbestos, unless they, or someone they know has been exposed to, or worked in the industry. If you don’t really know too much about asbestos then you should look into it a bit further, plus, you may want to do some work on your property or at work at some point, however, you can’t simply get stuck into taking things apart until you fully understand what’s in them;

What’s it all about then?

The dreaded asbestos is a strong mineral fibre found in certain rocks and in soil and, as such can, easily be assumed to be quite innocent and harmless. Needless to say, it is, or was seen to be highly beneficial for construction product manufacturers for various reasons. Because asbestos is made up of fibres, they are highly flexible and versatile, until they break of course… The reason that it was so popular is that is contains thermal, chemical, and electrical resistance qualities, and it was cheap which made it ‘almost’ perfect for construction materials, textiles, and motor industry products. Asbestos can usually be found in materials used for construction, pre, mid 80’s, here are some common uses and products;

  • Insulation utilized within a building’s walls or in the loft.
  • Insulated sleeves for hot water piping
  • Fabrics that are resistant to heat
  • Automobile brakes
  • Ceramic floor tiles
  • Facades for homes

The problem is that asbestos, although durable, when it does break, the fibres may readily break down into extremely little particles; they are too small to see yet they can easily find their way into your lungs. Hence why you will want to look into asbestos removal prices in Perth when doing some work on your property. The filaments themselves are extremely dangerous, and it wasn’t until individuals were ill that the entire scope of the hazards became clear. The fibres can accumulate in your lungs, producing life-threatening diseases that can cause long and painful deaths.

Related diseases

  • Mesothelioma – A rare type of cancer that effects your air intake. Early warning symptoms include fluid build-up around the lungs, rib cage discomfort, overall tiredness, and lumps in the stomach area.
  • Asbestosis – Affects the lungs and makes a person more prone to get lung cancer; it can also damage fingernails and toenails. Doctors may recommend oxygen or even a lung transplant.

Everyone can do their bit

When you are thinking of undertaking any home repairs, you should simply hire an asbestos specialist; they will have all of the necessary tools and will know exactly how to remove any asbestos-containing items.

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