Do I Need Breast Augmentation or is a Breast Lift a Better Option?

There’s no way around gravity, it eventually affects us all. Where your breasts were once firm and perky, eventually they slowly inch further south. And unfortunately, sagging breasts won’t respond to weight training and toning.

A Common Breast Augmentation Mistake

Too many women believe that implants are the only way to revive their breasts and while this will provide some results, it can actually make the issue much worse depending on the degree of sagging.

Keep in mind that implants add extra weight to the breasts and will place additional strain on your ligaments, which can lead to even more sagging quite soon after your surgery.

Unfortunately, there are still clinics that don’t explain this to patients who want to reduce sagging, which only ends with them being unhappy with the results of their surgery.

In most cases, both breast augmentation and a breast lift are required to achieve the desired result. A breast lift is more complicated and costly though, which is what often deters women from scheduling the surgery.

If your surgeon doesn’t take you through both of these options, it might be a sign that it’s not the right clinic for you. If you would prefer to look into both options, you can ask for further breast augmentation details at Plastic Surgery Brisbane.

Determining If You Need a Breast Lift

One of the first ways to decide whether you need a breast lift is to compare the ‘sit’ of the breast to the breast crease. Your breast crease is the area where your underwire bra would typically sit. If the lowest point of the mound of your breast still sits above this crease, you may only need implants. This ‘sit’ will also play a role in the size and shape of the implants that you choose.

The second test that you can try at home is to place a pencil in the crease under your breast. If the pencil falls out, you won’t need a breast lift. However, if the pencil stays where it is without your hand holding it there, you may need to consider a breast lift.

Breast Lift vs. Combination Surgeries

If you will just be receiving a breast lift, the skin of the breast will be tightened. The entire breast will be lifted but the size of your breasts won’t change. The average breast lift lasts about 4 hours.

If you decide to combine a breast lift with augmentation, you will be tightening the sagging skin while increasing the size of your breasts too.

Will My Insurance Cover This Procedure?

There is a chance that you might be eligible for a Medicare Rebate if you have severe sagging and it’s been less than 7 and more than 1 year since your last pregnancy. However, this will only cover some of the costs associated with your breast lift. If you have Private Hospital Insurance, you might also be able to claim a portion of the hospital fees but this is something you would need to discuss with your insurer.

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