Entertaining Game Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party

There’s no doubt about it when it comes to planning the perfect gender reveal party, there’s a lot to remember. You have to create a budget, pick a theme, choose a venue, send out the invitations, choose the decorations, and decide on what to serve your guests. Though you’ve got a lot to get done, a gender reveal event is nothing without a few games for entertainment.

Although you’ll be spending a lot of time talking with friends and family and eating delicious food, the whole point of gender reveal celebrations is to have fun. A great way to get your guests in on the fun and festivities is to have a little fun with games. If you’re not sure what types of games should be played at a gender reveal party, you’ll find these to be quite entertaining.

Guessing Game (With Sonogram)

If you really want to give your guests a clue on whether you’re having a boy or a girl you should let them see your sonogram. Blow up the picture and place it in a frame on a table. On the table, have cards for people to write their names and the sex they believe the baby to be and place it in a box. When you’re ready to do the reveal, the winners can all receive a cute gift for their guesses.

The Name Game

Talk about two surprises in one. If you and your partner have already decided on a name for your little one (or two names if you don’t know the sex of the baby either), you can play the name game as well. You can write down a list of 3-5 names for each sex and have your guests choose which name they believe you’ll pick (along with the gender). Again, once the reveal has been made, you can give the correct guess a prize.

Baby Gender Lottery

If you really want to get your guests to put their thinking caps on about the sex of your baby, offer them a cool prize and have a lottery. Have two separate bowls (one for girls and one for boys). Ask your guests to write their name on a slip of paper and place it in the bowl of the gender they believe the baby to be. Once the gender has been revealed you can have a lottery drawing to pick a winner. They could get prizes like a gift basket, a gift card, or cash.

Gender Pinata

What’s a party without a pinata? You’re never too old to take a whack at the pinata and have the contents contain the sex of the baby. Whether it be confetti, a note, or blue/pink candy, it can be a fun way to reveal your baby’s gender to your family. Have each participant blindfolded and have them take a few whacks at the pinata to see if they can break it open for a fun surprise.

Each of these games can be an awesome way for you, your friends, and family to connect over your pregnancy. While you hope for nothing more than a happy and healthy baby, it can be a lot of fun to know before your due date. Sharing in this happy time with everyone can make the moment even more exciting. Use these games and more to make the moment an unforgettable one.

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