Exercises Can Be Useful To You If You Are Suffering From Plantar Fasciitis

Normally, if a person runs or walks excessively without using any proper foot gear then he may feel great pain at the bottom of the heel. This will make you uncomfortable to walk. Particularly if you get up from your bed or if you get up after sitting for a long time then you may get excessive pain. If you want to lose your weight then in such condition, it becomes almost impossible.

Therefore, people who have been diagnosed with faciites plantaires and want to lose their weight may do any of the following exercises, which will not flare up your problem.

  • Stationary cycle

You may just lie down on any hard surface on your back. In this position, you rotate your both legs to mimic cycling movement. Since you are not putting any weight on your foot, you will not feel any discomfort.

  • Hand cycle

You can always find this equipment in any gym, which is very similar to stationary cycle. These have hand pedals in place of foot pedals. Use the pedal with your hand, so that your heart rate will go up and muscles of your upper part of the body will get exercised without impacting your foot.

  • Swimming

You can easily indulge in swimming if you have plantar fasciitis. However don’t forget to wear supportive water shoes and avoid walking barefoot when you are outside of the pool.

  • Rowing

In any gym, you will find rowing equipment and you can easily do rowing exercise if you have plantar fasciitis.

  • Battle ropes

You can find battle ropes in the gym. Here you need to stand in athletic position keeping your feet shoulder width apart. Now grip one rope in each of your hand and move the rope up and down to create a ripple on the rope.

  • Sprints

You may not be able to do running sprints however in cardio equipment you can do it comfortably

  • Leg curl

You will find machines in the gym to do this exercise

  • Leg extension

This exercise can also be done in the gym

  • Bench press

In this exercise, your arm and chest gets the workout. You have to lie on your back on any hard surface.

  • Pull ups

You can perform this exercise in the gym which is very good for your arms and upper backs.

  • Push ups

You can do this at your home too

All these exercises can be performed even if you are suffering from pain to keep your body healthy and fit.

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