Facts about Recreational Marijuana You Didn’t Know About

Marijuana is derived from the hemp plant or sativa. The chemicals are found in the leaves and the flowering shoots as well. It has chemicals like the THC. The other chemicals found in the plants are man-made and are stronger than the THC. They are deemed as synthetic marijuana and sold by names like K2, spice or Kronic. Weed can be used in many forms. When dry, the shredded green or brown mix of flowers, seeds, stems and leaves are rolled into a joint, in a pipe or a bong or as a blunt. It can also be brewed as a tea or mixed in food. Another concentrated alternative is called as hashish and it is made from the female plant in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana. Read on for more facts.

Effects of Marijuana

Consuming marijuana can have the following effects on a person

  1. Anxiety or panic reactions
  2. Feeling of joy, relaxation
  3. False sense of time
  4. Increased sight, hearing, and taste
  5. Increased appetite
  6. Trouble thinking and problem solving
  7. Loss of coordination
  8. Unable to tell the difference between yourself and others

Other signs of consuming marijuana are:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Feeling silly and laughing for no reason
  3. Trouble in walking
  4. Eyes turn bloodshot red
  5. Having a hard time remembering things

Harmful Effects of Marijuana

Consumption of marijuana can be harmful too. Some of these effects can be felt in an instant and some may damage a person’s health as they age. It impacts the short term memory as well as the capability to handle complex tasks. When stronger types of marijuana are consumed over time, even performing simpler tasks can be difficult. As the drug has the ability to affect the capability to learn and understand and on reaction time, many of the users get tangled in car crashes than people who have never used marijuana in their lives. The former may also be indulged in harmful sex practices. There is a strong connection between drug use, unsafe sex, and the dispersion of STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

When one is under the influence of weed, the young population may find it hard to focus on studies and learning because it hampers with their ability to focus and pay attention. And when it comes to young athletes, they perform poorly too. THC significantly affects timing, movements, and coordination. Synthetic weed products can cause more harmful effects like kidney damage, seizures, hallucinations and sometimes even death.

What to Look Out For

If your younglings are indulged in smoking weed, you should look out or withdrawal and separation symptoms in them. Other things to look out for are depression, excessive lethargy, recklessness in grooming, relationship with family and friends and hostility. Moreover, you might also notice changes in their performance at school, skipping or missing school, lost interest in hobbies like sports and arts etc. and change in appetite and sleeping habits could all related to drug use.

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