Fence Maintenance: How to proceed Following a Storm

Winter is closer than you think, with it comes down the year’s nastiest weather. Wind, rain, hail, snow — each one is possible, otherwise likely. Many people are worried about the methods bad winter months can impact their houses, what concerning the ways it may affect your fence?

An unpleasant winter storm can ruin a wood fence, and lots of homeowners simply don’t get sound advice when that occurs. Fortunately, there’s a couple of easy-to-remember tips you are able to follow to salvage a wood fence that’s been broken with a winter storm. But don’t forget — if these steps appears too complicated or difficult, call an expert.

1. Measure the damage. The initial step in repairing storm-ravaged wood fencing would be to measure the damage. This does not mean only harm to a fence, but additionally harm to the landscape around it. Once you have ensured the region all around the fence is protected, approach a fence and discover what parts have to be repaired or replaced. When the storm was especially bad, make certain you look for downed utility lines or tree braches.

2. Remove large tree braches or debris. Among the greatest threats to some wood fence throughout a storm is fallen tree braches and debris. If required, remove braches and branches by having an axe or saw, ensuring to not cause further harm to a fence. Also, clean off any yard debris which may be stuck towards the fence, including leaves, dirt, grass and weeds. These may lead to wood rot with time.

3. Get supplies. Once you have assessed the harm and removed major obstacles, you’re ready to obtain the supplies essential to repair a fence. Wood fences are constructed with not unusual materials, which means you will be able to purchase all you need in a do it yourself or home improvement store. Speak with an outlet representative for those who have any queries concerning the materials or tools you will need.

4. Reinforce fence posts. A lot of the harm bad weather can perform to some wood fence isn’t immediately apparent. Wind, rain and high snow can release a fence posts, weakening the structural integrity from the fence and causing leaning or collapse later on. Check to make certain all fence posts continue to be sturdy, and when not, reinforce or replace them. Reinforcing wood fence posts can be achieved in a number of ways, including installing wood braces around the posts and resetting them in fresh concrete.

5. Call an expert. It goes without saying — not everybody can pour concrete or set a brand new fence publish. Discover 100 % certain you are able to repair or switch the storm-broken fence yourself, you need to call an expert. It might appear just like a more pricey solution, however if you simply go ahead and take DIY route and screw up, you’ll most likely have to call an expert to exchange a fence anyway. Many wood fencing professionals will perform a free evaluation, so there is no risk in calling. Better safe than sorry.

6. Be cautious. Should you choose decide to repair the broken fence yourself, make sure to have a couple of safety tips in your mind. First, check for downed utility lines. Most municipalities are great at taking proper care of downed lines in due time, but there might be one near your fence that has not been reported yet. Second, always put on appropriate safety gear. Including heavy mitts, boots, pants, knee pads and safety glasses. Third, do not take on an excessive amount of. Attempting to move a branch or perhaps a fence publish on your own can damage a fence in addition to the body. If you won’t want to call an expert, a minimum of ask a buddy to assist.

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