First Date Jitters? Try These 3 Easy Ideas!

The first date jitters are a very real, very annoying thing: the clammy hands, the stilted conversation, and the silences that seem to go on for an eternity. They can happen to anyone, even the most seasoned dating pro, as it seems like the extent to which you’re into someone is directly proportional to how nervous you get.

These first date jitters are also exacerbated by the types of dates people tend to choose. Sit for hours at a dingy bar, and conversation is bound to get either awkward or embarrassingly candid. Going to a restaurant isn’t that much better either. So what are some things you can do to mitigate the jittery effects of an otherwise promising first date?

This article will list three date activities that suck the awkwardness right out of a first date. Each of these three ideas is active enough that that both parties will stay engaged and entertained, but not so active as to disallow for some good old conversation. Let’s take a look.

Axe Throwing

If you’re looking for one of the most interesting first date ideas out there – an activity that’s as unconventional as it is badass and entertaining – look no further than axe throwing. For those unfamiliar, axe throwing is a new sport where competitors throw axes (go figure) at a wooden target. It’s often played in a big facility set up for the sport, sometimes serving alcohol and sometimes not (depending on local licensing).

You can easily book a private lane for yourself and a date, where you’ll each get a tutorial from a master axe thrower on how to chuck your hatchet. You then get to square off “date-a-date” competing to see who can hit closest to the target, and most often. It’s fun enough to break the ice, but it also has some quieter moments for getting to know one another – think of it like a 21st Century bowling alley.

Music Bingo

A staple of pubs and bars across North America, music bingo is the perfect marriage between “chilling out with music” and “doing trivia”. You get a dabber and a bingo card, and you are armed with nothing other than your own personal music knowledge.

What makes music bingo uniquely good for first dates is, not only does it break up the silence with some amazing tunes, but it also lets you and your date share a bit of your music taste with one another, which can be a great bridge for getting to know each other.

An Outdoor Movie Theatre

The problem with going to a movie on your first date is that it’s too quiet. You hardly have any moments to talk with one another, and then you go your separate ways. You might as well have been in separate rooms the entire time!

But with an outdoor theatre, the atmosphere is a little more relaxed. The vibe, with a lot of moviegoers at an outside theatre is a little chatty, so you can punctuate the viewing experience with short conversations. Lay out your beach towel in a comfortable, grassy spot, set up a little picnic and enjoy the show.

Dates at bars and restaurants can be ripe for tension and awkwardness. With one of these three ideas, however, you can strike a good balance between conversation and activity.

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