Here’s How You Can Get away on a Shoestring Budget

Going on vacation is something everyone needs but not everyone gets as frequently as they should. Though some may view a getaway as a luxury more than a necessity, it has been proven that too much work and everyday stress can lead to adverse physical and mental health issues. It’s good to leave the norm behind on occasion and simply enjoy life. Breaking away for a few weeks or even a weekend can leave you feeling refreshed and recharged. Even if all you have is a few hundred bucks to spare, you can plan a getaway you won’t soon forget. Here’s how:

Do Some Research

Where you travel to will have a significant impact on how much you’re going to spend on your trip. Instead of opting for a more popular destination during peak season, it is best to do some research and find areas that can be just as exciting, but not as expensive. You may be able to find towns near popular attractions that are within driving distance so you can find more affordable sleeping accommodations and dining options but still partake in the festivities. For example, instead of going to Key West, you can travel to Big Pine Key which is just a short ways away and a lot cheaper.

Set a Budget

After doing some research you should have a clearer idea of how much you’ll need to have a great vacation. Set a budget early on in your planning so that you don’t go overboard. Determine how much you’re willing to spend on your hotel or room, plane tickets, rental cars, food, and entertainment. If you’re dealing with minimal funds, you could apply for quick installment loans which would increase your travel budget and give you time to repay it. Be sure that if you decide to borrow money for your trip that you include repayment in your personal budget to avoid going into further debt.

Look for Cheap Accommodations

Unless you plan on spending most of your time vacationing in the hotel room you can skip out on all the expensive amenities and luxuries and use that money to have fun on your vacation. As long as the hotel or vacation rental space is clean and provides you with a bed, place to clean up, and perhaps a television for late-night entertainment, it will suffice. You can look at two and three-star hotels or go with another option of renting an Airbnb property.

Book Flights in Advance

Believe it or not, you can save a  lot of money on travel by booking in advance. This is especially true when it comes to plane tickets. The sooner you’re able to reserve your spot the more affordable the prices are. Play around with times and days of the week too as you may be able to get a discount fare for traveling during the week in the early morning hours when it’s less crowded.

Free and Affordable Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment while on your getaway you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy yourself. Many tourist destinations are known for having free and affordable events you can participate in. Check for local concerts, music festivals, street fairs, firework displays, and more. You may also find that admission to popular attractions like museums are more affordable when you visit early in the morning or just before closing. Also, be on the lookout for coupons online to popular destinations to reduce the cost of entertainment. You can find discounts on food, admission costs, shopping, and much more.

If money has prevented you from getting away, consider these tips for planning your next getaway. Many individuals are able to travel around the world without paying too much money. With a little research, saving, and budgeting, you can go just about anywhere you’d like for a few ways to relax and recharge.

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