How Is Technology Bringing Us Closer to Radiation?

You can no longer cross the street and not encounter at least one of these devices: tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops, and many more. Our relationship with technology is at its highest as more and more developments in apps and services are keeping us linked through social media and the growing presence of e-commerce.

A startling discovery amidst this time of technology is the need for EMF protection and the presence of electromagnetic fields which are trace amounts of radiation that affect us without our bodies knowing it.

A simpler time

We are lucky to have some memory of a generation that didn’t grow up with all this technology around us. Because we know of a time when things were simpler, we know how difficult it was to live in a time that isn’t as convenient as it is now. With the presence of technology in our daily lives, we are now living much more comfortably. But this new lifestyle brings new dangers to our lives.

Dangers of EMFs

Cellular transmission is the body’s method of interacting with the brain. With messages sent from the brain to different parts of the body, these messages go from system to organ to each cell. Tasks such as recalling memories or survival instinct reactions to danger are all based on information dissemination throughout our bodies.

EMFs emit a frequency that can permeate through our bodies and can potentially disrupt our natural flow of communication with our cells. Studies have revealed that the presence of EMFs can disturb and even rupture cell membranes which defend us from toxins outside the body. The breaking of these membranes eventually leads to calcium ions being left to wander in our system.

Though a healthy dose of such calcium is needed in our bodies as they are used in the healing process of illnesses and injuries, we wouldn’t want them wandering off, especially in torn membranes. When calcium ions wander into brain cells, they may disrupt the communication process of transmitting information which could lead to various neurological symptoms which can be as simple as a headache but can also lead to a cognitive dissonance of the senses mistaking taste for smell, sight for sound, etc.

Besides common headaches and migraines, EMFs could also lead to lower reaction times which could be harmless in an ordinary situation but can be catastrophic especially when you’re in a dangerous situation such as driving a car.

Solutions to EMFs

Staying off the grid is almost impossible especially if you need to maintain a job that requires you to be readily available for work. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be protected from the presence of EMFs just because you have a lifestyle that’s connected to being online most of the time.

With technology bringing its problems, it’s also developed its solutions. Organisations that manufacture products that advocate EMF protection, such as those that provide that are used to combat the growing presence of EMFs in our lives, are a clear example that the progression of technology can answer issues that it has made itself.


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