How to decorate your house for Halloween party

Halloween is almost here. You shouldn’t be the only person giving your home that mystical Halloween theme. Get your family to take part too. Whether your celebration style is a sit-down or party type, there cannot be any excuse to not decorate your house for Halloween. Your kids and the people around you would appreciate it a lot when you get in the Halloween spirit.

There are two categories of decorations; The decoration for kids and decorations for adults. However, whichever category you choose, follow these tips, and you will be successful in making the most fun and scary Halloween party.

  1. Get inspired

You definitively need a theme for your party and it can often come from the latest scariest movie in the market. Creating a theme can help you a long way into picking colours, food, and even the actual decorations.

  1. Use Halloween-themed wall decals

Cut out shapes from paper or use peel-and-stick decals of bats and stick them to the walls. Erect a life-size skeleton on your front window. If you are using lantern lights on the wall, cut cute faces out of black paper and mod podge them onto the string of with white lights with some paper lanterns.

  1. Make some creepy crawlers

Light the doorway by making spidery candle holders. To make them use mini-pumpkin, scoop the top where you will perfectly fit in a candle, and on the sides attach pipe cleaners to act as legs of a big bug. Fill your place with fake spider webs, and this will definitively give your house a spookier look.

  1. Use black candles

With Halloween, it is always about getting the mood right. There is something about Colour black’ it merges perfectly in creating a terrifying atmosphere. That’s the idea, right? Use black candles in a dimly lit room or arrange them around the house to act as the primary source of lighting. They give nothing less than a creepy atmosphere suggestive of ghosts.

  1. Make a Halloween tree

Just like a Christmas tree, you can make a Halloween tree. All you need is to take an old artificial tree and spray-paint it in orange/ trendy orange/yellow/white colour. Then decorate it with twinkly lights, some black ornaments and add a bat-themed tree topper. With that, you have a beautiful but yet spooky in appearance centrepiece to put in your living room.

If you have any faux plant, apply black spray paint and top it off with black sand.

  1. Decorate pumpkins

You cannot complete a Halloween party without the use of pumpkins. Creatively make some shapes out of them making some carves and add some graphic designs on them or add some metal adornments on them by glueing them on them on the pumpkin. To make it more authentic, use Pumpkin Halloween Lantern or jack-o’-lantern which is very easy to make. All you need is a pumping carving kit to scoop out the insides of the pumpkin and place the candle inside of a designed pumpkin.


From the above, decorating your house to a Halloween mood can’t be that hard, but it all depends on the availability of materials you can access. It’s a good thing The Works has a wide range of Halloween amenities suitable for making Halloween parties.

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