How to Help Your Elderly Loved One With Downsizing

As senior citizens get older, it may become more of a challenge to keep up with a large home that they lived in for several decades. When the children no longer live in the home and the seniors are left to take care of all the household responsibilities and chores by themselves, it can become overwhelming and time-consuming. If you have an aging loved one who is having a hard time keeping up with the maintenance of a larger home, you may have started looking up “downsizing near me” while on your phone or computer. You are probably interested in finding out how to help your loved one downsize.

Start Looking for Smaller, Accessible Properties

Begin the process by looking for smaller properties that are easily accessible for the elderly. For example, instead of choosing a property with staircases and multiple floors, your elderly loved one may appreciate living in a smaller home where everything is on one floor to make it easier to get from one room to the next. You can look at house plans to find places that are only one level instead of two, three, or more levels.

Work on Getting Rid of Unneeded Items

When your aging loved one is downsizing, it helps to go through items to figure out what is no longer needed. You can help your loved one go through belongings and then donate or dispose of anything that is no longer of importance to save on space when moving into the smaller place.

Assist with the Moving Process

Do not forget to offer assistance when it is time to move from the old home to the new one. Your loved one may be depending on your to help with packing boxes, lifting heavy items, and transporting everything they own and are keeping.

When seniors get older, they often become overwhelmed by all the extra space inside the home. Downsizing is a suitable option worth considering for the convenience of the elderly.

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