How to Keep Your Hydroponic Garden Cool This Summer

Hydroponics gardening is great as it can be completed all year round, allowing horticultural enthusiasts to have non-top fun. However, there are however a range of different practices that must be adhered to depending on season – some of which we will be covering today. With summer upon us accompanied by long and hot days, today we are here to provide all with some great summer hydroponics tips.

Summer hydroponic gardening tips

  1. During summer quality, intake and oauttake fans must be placed within hydroponic set-ups. The size of these fans needed will depend on the size of your grow tent.
  2. Not only do you have to have clean ait in your grow tent but it is also important that this air is the right temperature. You should get an air con unit inside your grow room/tent that will allow your grow room to stay cool and no overheat.
  3. You need to ensure that you are using the most suitable reflective sheeting such as the 315 horizon reflector, this is something that many people overlook during the warmer months.
  4. Air cooled lighting has started to become incredibly popular amongst hydroponics growers. Air cooled lighting works by using extraction fans to constantly pass air over the lamps taking exhausting heat out of set-ups.
  5. During the summer months it is best to have grow lights on during the night instead of during the days. This is because systems will them pull in cool night air instead of blistering heat. Another advantage of this is that it can help reduce electricity bills and electric is often cheaper during the night (off-peak times).
  6. Invest in a reservoir chiller so that you can have ultimate control over the reservoir temperature. There are special pieces of equipment available for this, but in the meantime you might even want to consider placing ice in your reservoir.

These are only some of the available tips too! If you are looking to grow hydroponically in the most magnificent ways this summer don’t hesitate to contact your local hydroponics supplier who will no doubt be delighted to share their expert knowledge with you.

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