Important Things to Know about Braces

Braces are a great investment to achieve that beautiful smile you desire to wear. For adults and children, braces can also be a major adjustment. A brace is something you are not used to at first so you need to adjust to its presence in your mouth. If you are looking to have braces soon, ensure that you are familiar with details such as what to expect, the types and pricing for braces. This allows you to be ready for your consultation.

Kinds of Braces

Braces are available in two kinds and the type of braces for you depends on your dental needs and lifestyle. Also, their prices vary based on kind. Here are the different kinds of braces.

  • Metal braces. This classic style is composed of a series of square brackets that are cemented to the teeth connected by wires. Brightly color bands hold the wires in place. Your orthodontist will tighten the wire from the bracket for better teeth alignment. Although metal braces before are dreaded, today they are available with sleek designs and color bands. This makes these braces fashionable accessories. Additionally, a number of styles can be installed behind the teeth or made using tooth-colored materials.

  • Invisalign braces. These braces are clear trays worn over the teeth. Every tray gently coaxes teeth into a new position. The trays are based on the mouth’s mold taken at the start of the process and changes as directed by the orthodontist.

Braces Costs

Estimating the braces’ lifetime cost is not easy because wear time and particular needs vary. Generally, classic metal braces are more affordable than Invisalign. Patients can ask for options and price points from their orthodontist during their consultation.

What to Expect

During the first orthodontic appointment, the orthodontist will talk about the type of results you can expect, how the process will go and how long the braces should be worn. To make it possible to anchor bands in crowded teeth or spaces, spacers or palate expander are placed between teeth. The use of metal braces may require fixing some alignment problems like using rubber bands or other equipment. Patients can expect discomfort on the first day, following adjustment of metal braces and while wearing a new Invisalign tray. Patients then need to go for soft foods until they are able to adjust to their treatment. Dr. Godin, orthodontiste is likely to recommend that the patient takes an over-the-counter pain reliever to help deal with the discomfort.

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