Know the Kind of Liver Ailments that Occur Due to Alcohol Consumption

Consuming excessive alcohol will spoil the general health of a person. Generally, liver gets affected and it stops functioning leading to various health issues. Liver transplant is the only remedy in some severe cases to save the person life.

Few main three types of liver ailments that occur due to drinking alcohol:

  • Alcoholic Fatty liver diseases: Medically termed as Steatosis happens when excessive assumption of fat in liver causes many health issues. Experiencing fatigue all day, feeling nausea, lack of appetite and vomiting sensation are major symptoms. The increased proportions of AST and ALT enzymes in the blood indicates the level of liver damage. In severe cases, liver biopsy is prescribed to know the right kind of exclusive treatment needed to cure the ailment.

  • Hepatitis: Alcoholic hepatitis happens due to liver inflammation. Pain in stomach, nausea, not feeling hungry and vomiting are few of the symptoms indicating the health disorder has to be treated by an expert doctor. Leaving the condition unattended may lead to cirrhosis. Hepatitis is of multiple kinds needing immediate medical attention.
  • Alcoholic cirrhosis: Scarring of liver happens when healthy cells of the liver is destroyed. The abnormal condition is a result of long term health issues effecting liver functions. Consuming excessive quantity of alcohol for years results in slowly destroying the liver cells. Severe ailment develops due to hepatitis. Cirrhosis may lead to liver cancer too. In such cases, liver transplant is the only treatment helpful to get rid of the ailment.

To prevent the disease from getting worse, the only solution is to stop the consumption of alcohol. Following the advice of your doctor and taking the prescribed medications in the right quantity will surely help in getting rid of the symptoms of the ailment.

Consuming alcohol in more quantity is not a wise means to stay healthy. While consuming excess alcohol, the quantity mixes with the blood stream of the stomach and in the intestine. The blood goes to liver before moving to other parts of the body. The enzymes present in the liver starts reacting with the alcohol. More amount of carbon dioxide is formed which is passed to lungs as well as in excretory system.

The issues in the liver cells are accustomed to convert certain amount of alcohol in water and carbon dioxide for an hour, thus excessive amount of alcohol consumed at a time won’t be wise for liver to function properly.

The rise of alcohol in bloodstream will result in other organs to fail functioning rightly. Emergence of symptoms like nausea, vomiting sensation, feeling of fatigue, losing consciousness, experiencing seizures, breathing problems and body temperature getting lower are some of the signs of liver being affected due to drinking heavily.

When experiencing the symptoms, the best option is to consult a highly rated doctor like Dr. Guru Reddy. To do the prescribed tests visit well acclaimed scanning centers. The doctor will view the scanning report before prescribing the medications needed to cure the heath issues.

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