Diabetes is now a day easy word in every human through as people nowadays are very efficient with the term and are definitely very familiar with its usage. It won’t be a surprise to learn that people in the majority have no issues with the kind of diabetes they are dealing with. To add to this awestruck moment the majority of the people do have the idea of the scientific definition of diabetes. However, to add on it you need to have complete faith in the kind of the definition you have been learning from the old schools. However, the diabetes type 1 is totally concerned with the increase of the blood glucose level due to insufficient production of the insulin while on the other hand, the type 2 diabetes is very popular among the human. In your body to produce insulin but the body does not respond to it thereby creating a sort of resistance which does not help you in any way out other than taking a solid treatment or else reducing the sugar content of the diet to zero. All you need to put an extreme focus on the kind of symptoms it shows up.


 Type 1 diabetes is also known as juvenile onset diabetes where the primary attack is been doe to the pancreas and thereby the cell which produces the hormone, insulin fails to do secrete as a result the pancreas fails to combat the blood sugar. the most common diabetes symptoms are-

  1. Rise of excessive thirst as your level of drinking water increases than the normal.
  2. Frequent urination. There is a sign which you can take care of as if you are rising in the mid of the night to use the restroom or not.
  3. Excessive and sudden abdominal pain.
  4. Frequent feeling of fatigue. If the condition prolongs then you may be diabetic.
  5. Gradual weight loss.
  6. Abnormality in the menstrual cycle.
  7. Vomiting sensation.


The majority of the symptoms of diabetes type 2 are shown below:

  1. Excessive thirst and frequent mode of urination. the physiology of this happening states that excessive sugar in the bloodstream results in the withdrawal of the fluid from the tissue in a frequent mode thereby increasing your thirst level.
  2. Easy fatigue as the most important source of energy is carbs. When the consumption of the carb is decreased it eventually increases the episodes of fatigue.
  3. Gradual weight loss as the body is not getting sufficient amount of carbs thereby it starts to use fat as an energy source, as a result, the body weight starts to decrease.

All the above-mentioned symptoms are very easy to detect and thereby you can help yourself up by having a self-care. Once you start to see the symptoms in you then you can have a confirmation about it by a blood test and then consulting a doctor. But before that, if you are really experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms then it is advised to have a test.

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