Look Sharp, Guys! 15 Grooming Tips To Help You Look Your Best

We all know how important it is to keep up with grooming. But it can be extremely time-consuming and tedious at times. Fear not because below is 15 fantastic grooming shortcuts that will not only make your life easier but will also upgrade your appearance from better to best.

1) Use olive oil instead of Q-tips void

Q-tips is the go-to product for cleaning ears, but q-tips disasters can be rather painful. A few drops of olive oil a week can allow you to get rid of wax from your ears without using these cotton swabs.

2) Groom your nails after you shower

Your nails soften up after you bathe, so it’ll be easier for you to trim your nails and push the cuticles back.

3) Shave after you have a hot shower

Your pores open after a hot shower thereby making the razor glide easily. You not only prevent razor burns but will also get a close shave.

4) Redness-reducing eye drops is an excellent remedy for popping pimples

You probably shouldn’t get into the habit of popping your pimples, but if you find yourself accidentally popping one of your pimples and it becomes irritated and red just rub some redness-reducing eye drops on it, and it will remedy the situation in no time!

5) Use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream

Hair conditioners consist of moisturising agents that help minimise redness and can calm irritated skin after shaving. Use hair conditioner on sensitive areas after you shave.

6) Reduce greasiness on your face with coffee filters or Starbucks napkins

Oily skin can lead to unwarranted pimples, so, if you run out of blotting papers, rubbing your face with coffee filters or even Starbucks napkins work equally well.

7) Baby powder is an excellent alternative for dry shampoo

Baby powder is a great replacement for dry shampoo. They’ll make the hair less oily, and will leave them smelling amazing.

8) Jeans make an excellent way to sharpen your multi-blade razors

Just work them vertically on the jeans and your razor blades will get sharpened in no time. Then use that razor to shave your beard.

9) Put green tea bags or a cold pack on your face to rid puff from tired eyes

When your face is puffy from the hangover, or if you haven’t slept well, put a cold pack or green tea bags over your eyes for 5-10 minutes. This should get rid of the puff from your face and make you feel fresh, but if you’re still struggling with puffy, tired looking eyes visit Man Cave Sydney medical aesthetic clinic for men, for a non-invasive treatment to getting rid of your puffiness once and for all!

10) Coconut oil makes for a great moisturiser

Coconut oil is an excellent body lotion that seals in the natural moisture, and it’s also antibacterial. Look for virgin coconut oil and moisturise your neck, hands and face with it.

11) A small bar of soap makes an excellent deodoriser

Just put the bar of soap in a small jute bag, or wrap it in plastic and put it inside your travel bag. It masks odour from the clothes quite effectively.

12) Vinegar is a perfect cleanser

You can cure your shower head of its grimy blockage by filling a plastic bag with vinegar and placing it around the shower head. Leave it there overnight, and it will be handled. Happy showering!

13) A stick of sugar-free gum can eliminate bad breath

Obviously, you should brush your teeth and use a good quality mouthwash daily. But, if you’re out of supplies, a stick of sugar-free gum can do the trick, too.

14) Do all of your grooming activities in the shower

Wash your face, brush your teeth and even shave while you’re in shower. Get it done once because a) it will save time, and b) it is more relaxing.

15) Vodka to water in a 1:1 ratio gets rid of B.O. from your clothes.

Make the solution and spray it on your clothes (shirts). They’ll eliminate body odour and will also smell amazing.

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