Ordering Product Boxes? Keep these Things in Mind

Proper product packaging is vital for the safety of the product and the satisfaction of customers. Generally, the packaging choice will determine the possibility of damage during handling and transportation. Undependable packaging will compromise the product as a result of harsh shipping conditions, unintentional dropping, and careless stacking. Also, packaging boxes will impact the visual appeal of any item. If you are planning to order customized product boxes, the tips below can help you make the right decision:

Think about Box Sizing

It is imperative to pick the correct box size for maximum performance and functionality. Boxes that are too small may not accommodate products and there is a high risk of product damage. Also, using boxes that are too big for your product can increase the shipping expense of the product. Ideally, the boxes must match the size of their contents. Make sure there is some room for protective fillers, instruction manuals and other items you want to include in the package.

Pick the Right Material

There are a lot of options for box materials to choose from. Your choice will depend on your products’ special properties and the level of packaging protection they need. In case you want to place delicate items in the boxes, inquire about sturdy and strong materials to ensure the items will be stabilized inside. Also, you can choose to add fillers which will absorb the impact during handling and transportation.

But, high-strength box materials can come at a cost, so they may not be always an option for you. Think about light materials instead if you want tough products to be contained in those boxes. For an added protection to the products, consider boxes with special properties. For instance, certain products will degrade in sunlight and you will need UV-resistant boxes that will extend their lifespan. You might also need waterproof packaging for some products.

Pay Attention to Aesthetics

Custom product boxes can be made as pleasing as you want. You have control over their customization and visual impacts. When you customize the design, you can pick interesting colors, shapes, styling, and branding. Make sure these characteristics complement your goals and message you want the products to convey. Avoid cluttering the boxes with a lot of texts and ideas. Usually, overusing various styling techniques will result in the boxes having a chaotic look. Rather, focus on using a simple design which stands out and blends perfectly with the image you want to display.

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