Other things to know about cremation

Before settling for diamond with ashes,  the following are some of the other things that you need to know regarding cremation as it is required to get ashes for your loved ones:

What happens to the jewelry and clothing during cremation?

A body will have to be cremated either in clothes that were picked at the funeral or the clothes which the person died in if there is no funeral before the cremation. But you have a choice to make and if there is a specific outfit in which you prefer your loved ones to be cremated you have the option of requesting that. You need to remember that, any clothing on your loved one during cremation will be burned and thus, no salvaging.

While it might be okay to leave the jewelry on the body which will be cremated, the jewelry will get burned and be destroyed completely. Instead of it being cremated, you can consider the option of adding the jewelry to the urn which holds the ashes of your loved one.

In case you decide that you prefer the jewelry and any other sentimental items to be cremated along with the body of your loved one, you have to ensure that you ask the funeral director if the item will be safe during cremation. While the majority of the things are, there are items such as pacemakers that have to be removed because they can explode.

Which is the right time to do cremation?

It will all depend on where you stay because there are states which require that you embrace a waiting period before doing cremation and it varies from one state to the next. There are those like Texas where there are 48 hours waiting period while or Illinois, you have to wait for 24 hours. You will be advised by your funeral director what the law in your state states.

When it comes to cremation, it does not have to happen immediately it is legally allowed. If you wish to have a viewing and a funeral with the body present, you can do so by holding off the cremation until after you are done.

Do you need to have the family present at the cremation?

It is up to you to decide. You don’t require to have to be present during cremation if you don’t wish to. Or you can decide to be present before the body gets cremated to say your goodbye and then take leave before the cremation happens.

If you wish to be present during the cremation, it could be an option but you have to remember that, it takes several hours to be complete. Ensure that you have a plan with your funeral director that is what you would wish to do during or before cremation. Certain funeral homes have premises in the crematorium, where the cremation takes place for those being served. For other funeral homes, they decide to work with the local operator in a different location.

How are the ashes returned after cremation?

The family has to get the ashes within 7 – 10 days after the cremation happens. You can decide to go to the funeral home to pick it up once it is ready or you can make arrangements to have them to be delivered to your premises. Another option is using the mail where it is delivered via postal services.

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