Preparing the Family Home for Baby’s Arrival

Congratulations! It won’t be long before you’re bringing home your new bundle of joy. It is during those last few weeks before the baby arrives that families start to prepare their homes for the new arrival. There’s a lot to do in a short amount of time, but if you want the baby to arrive to a clean, safe, and comfortable environment, you’ll want to remember the below advice.

Clean the House Thoroughly

No one wants to bring their baby home to a dirty, dusty, or cluttered home (not to mention you won’t have the time or energy to clean up for a while), so it’s best to clean in advance. For those who are working with an adoption agency to grow their family, a clean home will be expected when a representative visits your home. Surface cleaning might do the trick for a few days but if you really want to be prepared for your baby’s arrival it is best to clean thoroughly from top to bottom. This means washing walls, cleaning carpets, dusting, removing clutter (tripping hazards), and sanitizing the home. If you’re expecting and on bedrest or far along in your pregnancy, you may want to hire a cleaning service.

A Comfy Place to Sleep

Whether you plan on having the baby sleep in the nursery or in a bassinet or crib in your room you want to make sure that the space is clean and comfortable. Remove any loose bedding or stuffed animals from the crib, invest in quality pillows and a mattress for yourself, clean the floors, remove any clutter, and consider other things like ventilation blinds for light control, and a programmable thermostat to ensure the room’s the right temperature. Remember, it’s not just the baby that needs a comfortable place to sleep, so will you (especially since sleep will come far and few in between over the next few weeks).


Though your new bundle of joy may not be moving around for a few months it’s never too soon to babyproof your home. You can have a professional inspect the home and point out issues that need to be resolved or use a reputable checklist from online and complete the project yourself. You’ll need to do things like covering outlets, securing rugs, locking cabinets, and cushioning sharp corners.

Meal Prep

The last bit of advice for preparing your home for the arrival of your baby would be to prepare meals in advance. There won’t be much time to cook throughout the day as you’re trying to adjust to the needs of your little one. So, you can prepare meals for the next few weeks and freeze them for easy dining each day.

Decorating and planning a nursery only scratches the surface of what needs to be done in your home to prepare for a newborn. It is imperative that you are bringing them into an environment that is clean, safe, and comfortable. The above-mentioned tips should give you a good start and will also make things a lot easier to manage during those first few weeks at home with your bundle of joy.

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