Read These Tips before Buying a Separate Shower Stall

If you’re thinking of doing a bathroom makeover, consider the benefits of a modern shower cubicle. It’s a space saver. With the different configurations, you have more choices to fit not only your available space but also complement the total look of your bathroom.

Modern glass shower stalls have functional and efficient fixtures. They give bathrooms a more open, bright and spacious look. They are also very durable and easy to clean and maintain. With their glass walls, you prevent growth of mildew. Putting a protective coating on the glass prevents the buildup of soap scum and water spots.

You can install the independent shower enclosures indoors or outdoors. They are ideal for homes with smaller bathrooms. You’ll have a separate standing shower space that eliminates wetting the bathroom floor.

Buying guide

The tips below will guide you on what to look for before buying a shower enclosure.

1.      Check the handles. Some shower stall handles are made of plastic that is coated to look like metal. They will suffer from wear and tear and will peel in time and need to be replaced. Handles made of polished chrome and other durable materials are meant to last.

2.      Check the rollers. Doors of shower stalls vary depending on their configuration. If you are considering a stall with a bi-fold, sliding or quadrant door, be sure to check the rollers. Ensure that the doors have single or twin rollers made of nylon, because these are durable and hard wearing. Plastic rollers will not last long as they turn hard and brittle over time due to being exposed to wet and dry conditions. Moreover, check if the rollers are quick release. This will help you to clean the shower stall quickly and efficiently.

3.      Industry-standard safety glass. This is a very important feature. Since the walls of a standing shower stall are made of glass, check if they are made of toughened safety glass, which is very much like the windscreen of a car. It is recommended that you choose a stall with 6mm toughened safety glass for the safety of everyone who will be using the stall.  Additionally, look for a stall with easy to clean glass that’s been pre-treated. This allows the glass to stay cleaner and it eliminates water spots.

4.      Door seals.  Another feature you should check is the door seal. Standing shower stalls should not leak water. Thus, it is important that the door have tight magnetic seals to ensure a precise fit. This will prevent water from leaking out.

5.      Shower tray. A shower tray is optional. If you decide to buy one and you can afford it, buy a shower tray made from stone resin with acrylic topping instead of an acrylic hollow tray. Their prices are almost the same but the stone resin, which is solid, will have a far longer life.

6.      Finishing. Choose a shower enclosure that has concealed caps and cover strips, so your stall will retain a sleek finish that makes the overall look seamless.

A glass shower enclosure allows you to modernise your bathroom without going overboard with the makeover. It requires very little maintenance and your bathroom will have the illusion of being bigger. It allows you to customise the overall look, using fashionable fixtures. Pairing it with beautiful tile work would turn your bathroom into something uniquely personalised.


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