Recharge your brain power with magnesium

Usually, the food we eat provides us with the needed nutrition our body needs to function at optimum level, while this might be the case, most of the time; our bodies don’t get enough nutrients that they need and in turn affects how our bodies function.

 If you have ever woken up feeling sluggish and out of it or find it hard to learn new things and you’re really just not feeling it, it might be because you lack the vital nutrients needed to function properly. These lacking nutrients that you need are provided by natural supplements but are in no way, shape or form a substitute to real food. One supplement in particular, magnesium threonate seems to be quite used a lot.

Eat the greens

Magnesium is usually acquired by eating green leafy vegetables but if you’re not a fan of such, you probably have magnesium deficit. This is where the supplement comes in; it acts as a substitute for the leafy greens and will provide you with the magnesium your body needs to function at optimum level. This way, you and your body will have a compromise.

The problem with deficits

Due to the lack of nutrients in your system, you might notice a few effects that come with it such as it is often quite hard for you to understand and learn new things, you often get tired easily after doing work that require a lot of mental tasks even though you aren’t physically moving and so on. This might probably be because you lack magnesium in your system. Magnesium helps you maintain and keep your basic body functions at an optimum level and when you have a deficit of such; effects such as those mentioned are bound to happen.

Brain power

When taking the supplement you will feel an increase in your overall cognitive functions such as an enhanced memory making it easy for you to learn and adapt to new things faster as well as being able to recall these newly acquired information at a quick rate. You will also experience and improvement in mental energy which means you won’t easily get tired when doing things that require a lot of mental work.

All of these are added to the usual benefits when you have just the right amount of magnesium in your system such as an improvement in bone strength and overall function of the nerves.

Getting a good night’s sleep

Aside from getting a mental boost, the supplement also helps you as a sleeping aid since magnesium is generally a muscle relaxant, it also helps relax your brain when you are about to sleep so you are sure that you’ll be getting a good night’s sleep and wake up fully recharged the next day, ready to face anything that comes your way.

All in all, the supplement has a lot of nootropic benefits as well as a lot of other benefits that come along with having magnesium in your system. The only problem is that excessive use of the supplement well beyond the recommended dosage for long periods of time may prove to be dangerous and possibly even fatal so it’s always better to stay within the recommended dosage so as not to have adverse side effects.


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