Republic Day 2023 Celebration Ideas for Kids

Republic Day is one of the three most important national holidays marked by India on January 26th every year. It is a popular public holiday that is celebrated all over the country. Children make speeches, create drawings, and wear the national flag as a pin on their uniforms on this day along with participating in many interactive activities. But do you know why Republic Day is really celebrated?

The history of Republic Day in India

This day commemorates the date of enactment of the constitution of India, that is 26th January 1950. Why 1950? We all know that India gained freedom on 15th August 1947. However, for the next three years India was still governed by an old British act, the Government of India Act of 1935. It was during this time that an assembly was formed, and it took 2 years for them to complete the constitution of India.

Dr B R Ambedkar is known as the father of the Indian constitution as he was the law minister at the time and it was, he who introduced the final draft of the constitution in the Constituent Assembly. This wonderful document is so comprehensive that it is known to be the largest constitution in the world! It has been made after studying various constitutions of numerous countries and is hence considered to be one of the best constitutions in the world too.

Republic Day celebrations in schools

While dances, plays and fancy-dress competitions are held during Independence Day, Republic Days are celebrated with speeches, quizzes, and essay writing competitions. This is done to make children aware of their country’s past and its roots. Some other important Republic Day celebration ideas include:

Understanding the constitution in nuggets: This could mean organising a workshop or conducting an interactive class where a teacher or students break down the 25 parts of the constitution into bite-sized and basic lessons to give an overview of the range of matters the constitution covers. This way students can understand just how important a document is while also becoming aware of the several kinds of laws in the country and how to uphold them. Students must carry their stationery to note down such an informative session too.

Painting competition on the topic of Fundamental Rights: Conducting a painting competition to depict one of the fundamental rights of an Indian citizen in a beautiful and artistic manner. This will encourage students to understand the fundamental rights of Indian citizens as mentioned in the constitution while also pushing them to reflect on the same and convey this in an artistic manner. They may use tools such as a geometry box, pens, crayons etc for the same.

Essay writing competition on the Constitution: Inspire students to bring out their Classmate notebook and weave magic with words on Republic day by holding an essay writing competition. This will encourage them to come prepared with a deep knowledge of the subject and improve their essay-writing skills too. The topic of the essay does not need to be limited to Republic Day or the constitution. You can even choose the Preamble, Ambedkar, the making of the constitution and more such topics to make things tougher!

Republic Day trivia: Lastly, conducting a quiz or a trivia round related to facts about Republic Day can increase curiosity and make gaining knowledge a fun experience for children. Adding prizes for the students who gain the most points will be a great way of securing high participation too!

We hope these Republic Day celebration ideas in school are inspiring, as the goal of each of these is to give students a break from their regular subjects such as mathematics and science and give them a touch of important worldly knowledge that is the history of our country and its great constitution.

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