Side Effects of Steroids, Myth or Reality?

There are many people who take steroids for medical use or non-medical use. The medical use is for people who have some issues like hypogonadism, muscle loss disease like HIV/AIDS, cancer, etc. In these cases, it is necessary to restore the growth of cells and muscles and metabolism. The dosage and usage period is closely monitored by a medical practitioner as these drugs have a tendency to produce side effects if not controlled, can lead to dangerous situations. In the case of non-medical use, bodybuilders and sports people use it to enhance muscle growth, overall size and strength and stamina. These people use the drug in high doses and monitoring is done by themselves. The issue occurs when these are not actively controlled.

Testosterone as AAS

The male hormone, Testosterone is one of the highly potent androgenic anabolic steroid available naturally. The hypothalamus and adrenal glands work together to induce the testicles to secrete the hormone. The amount of secretion depends on alot of factors like age, stress, time of day, nutrition and diet, etc. In the case of low levels as in medical cases or for other non-medical use, people have been using steroids. However, they are known to give side effects if not used properly. There are some anabolic steroids with least side effects in comparison to androgenic anabolic steroids. Bodybuilders and athletes have been known to use these steroids to gain more good effects and keep side effects to the minimum.

Side Effects on Misuse

Even small amount of steroid use under the best of medical care tends to develop side effects. In the case of non-medical use, people are known to use steroids in very high doses with no monitoring. Their only monitoring situation tends to be the period of use. And that too they are known to mix a variety of steroids or stack of steroids to increase potential growth manifold. This may work for some people but not for all. The number and severity depend on a lot of factors like age, period of usage, type of intake, diet and nutrition, etc. Oral steroids are known to be toxic to the liver. Injectable steroids tend to accumulate water in cells. Skin patches are known to create itching and irritation at the site of intake. Apart from these, heart attacks, high BP, increase LDL cholesterol, some forms of cancer, mood swings, etc are some general side effects.


Are there some safe practices that can minimize the side effects and at the same time increase the desired growth? The answer is Yes, there are certain anabolic steroids with least side effects in comparison to Androgenic anabolic steroids. Androgenic steroids tend to esterify after aromatization and this would induce female characteristics like gynecomastia or large male breasts. Anabolic steroids tend to improve the metabolism, nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, etc and help in muscle growth with minimal side effects. Some of the common names are Anadrol, Anavar and Winstrol, all having testosterone as acommon base. Non-medical users should note that use of steroids in competitive sports is prohibited by most Sports Associations and could lead to permanent ban.


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