Six Ways Dental Implants can Make a Significant Change in your Life

Dental implants are anchored into the jawbone and capped with an artificial crown which looks and functions like a natural tooth. It is supported by a titanium post. Aside from correcting a lot of dental issues, dental implants can change your life. Here’s how:

They Look Like Natural Teeth

If you have damaged teeth and want options that look like your natural teeth, go for dental implants. These they come with a titanium post, it is never visible after the crown is attached. Your dentist will use crowns that are custom fit for your mouth and made from sturdy materials which function and look like your natural teeth. Just like your natural teeth, you have to maintain the implants by continuing your brushing and flossing habit.

Prevent you from Using Uncomfortable Inferior Prosthetics

People who use dentures or bridges complain about the discomfort of these options. Bridges and dentures can result in uneven ridges, sore gums, and sudden sagging. Also, bridges require healthy teeth on either side for support. This can result in those teeth shifting. But, dental implants don’t require adjustments of other teeth to fit. They only take up the space of the tooth they are replacing.

They can Stay in your Teeth Permanently

Although dentures and bridges can fall out or become loose after some time, dental implants stay put by design. If you need very minor adjustments to your implants (which is very rare), they are usually pain-free. Dentures and bridges usually last up to 7 years only and can become painful and towards the end of their lifecycle.

They can Help Improve your Overall Health

Teeth gaps can result in the rest of your teeth shifting or collapsing because of bone loss. But, implants prevent shifting and collapse as well as preserve your bone and encourage mandible growth. This is something you can get from bridges and dentures. This has been proven by the Center for Research and Training in Dental Implantology or CRFI.

They Make you Feel Confident

Dental implants offer better oral functions like swallowing and chewing. Also, they provide a big boost in your confidence. As your implants blend well into your natural teeth, you can display that beautiful smile again and people will not even know you have implants.

They Help you Eat Well

When you lose a tooth or more, you may need to depend on consuming soft foods which do not require much chewing. Because it might be uncomfortable to chew food, you may forego eating nutritious foods, compromising your health. Dental implants let you eat as normal as you did before you lost your tooth.

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