Sleep Apnoea: What you Should Know

More than 2.5 million Australian people suffer with a sleep-related disorder and many are unaware that they are waking up involuntarily several times a night, and this leads to a general feeling of tiredness and irritability, as you are not getting the sleep you need. What actually happens is the sleeping person’s airways touch, which blocks the oxygen flow, and nature will wake the person in order to breathe, and this might happen several times a night, and in the morning, the person does not recall the interruptions and the condition continues undetected.

Day Time Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea

If a person is not receiving the required hours of sleep, they will easily become fatigued, and are often irritable, losing their temper at the slightest of things. The inability to concentrate is another sign that you are not getting enough sleep, along with sudden bouts of drowsiness, which can be very dangerous when driving or operating machinery. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, visit a major chemist and take a sleep apnoea test, which is always available during opening hours.

Sleeping Behaviours

The person might exhibit the following:

  • Make loud gasping or choking noises.
  • Snore loudly.
  • Have irregular breathing.
  • Wake up on a regular basis.

If your partner has commented on any of the above, and you do feel tired most of the time, you should visit a chemist and take a sleep apnoea test, which will help to determine if you are having sleep interruptions.

Potential Treatments

Of course, the doctor needs to investigate further before recommending treatment, and this might involve you spending the night at a sleep centre, where your sleeping behaviours are closely monitored, which will reveal if you have sleeping issues. One popular treatment involves the use of a CPAP machine, which provides constant positive airways pressure (CPAP) – the user wears a CPAP mask and the machine is plugged into the beside power socket. It might take a few days before you become accustomed to wearing the mask, and there are various styles to try.

This condition can carry on undetected, and the person might feel they are simply getting old, when in actual fact, they are being deprived of essential deep sleep, and a sleep apnoea test will reveal the truth. If you are exhibiting any of the day time symptoms, you are advised to visit a major chemist store, where you can be tested for sleep disorder.

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