The National Medical Insurance, An Answer to Clinic Operation Dilemma?

Common sense tells people that the United States has the most advanced medical treatment in the world because of its complete medical welfare: dental visit in America (aka 美国看牙) in terms of U.S. dental insurance (aka 美国牙医保险), vaccination including HPV vaccine (aka hpv疫苗) covered in majority of basic health insurance plans, vision operation in terms of vision insurance (aka 美国眼科保险), etc. Following the eminent example of medicine in the United States, China is seeking medical reform.

On May 13th, the National Health Commission (NHC), together with other four departments, issued the Opinions on Promoting Clinic Development Pilot, which is called “a milestone event of Chinese medical reform”. How will hospitals, doctors and social capital pick up the move? CN-Healthcare conducts investigations on the direction of policy encouragement, the status of doctors’ practice, and the operation of clinics, so as to uncover the current state of clinics in China.

After going into operation for more than two months, an innovation-oriented chain clinic located in Hangzhou applied for the inclusion of the national medical insurance system. As a clinic, its inclusion in the national medical insurance system went on wheels due to Hangzhou’s fairly open policy for medical insurance permission application. “Almost all the clinics in Hangzhou can be covered in the system as long as they apply for it.” Liu Ye, the partner of the clinic, told CN-Healthcare.

The idea is derived from the network in the international student health insurance (aka 留学生保险) and/or OPT insurance (aka opt 保险) in America. However, the number of clinics that are covered by the national medical insurance system are very few in other cities. “The reason is that the medical insurance reimbursement ratio in each city varies a lot.” Liu Ye said. In Hangzhou, the reimbursement ratio of a clinic can reach up to 85%. “Such a ratio, I am afraid, cannot be found in even many tertiary class A hospitals.”

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