The Two Best Vaporizers Money Can Buy

If you’re someone who has enough disposable income to spend literally as much as is needed on the top quality vaporizer for your bud and concentrates, it might be tough to figure out what will deliver the greatest experience to your lungs. Everyone’s got different needs and preferences of course, but there are some beautiful creations, new and old, out there that just can’t be disputed as the best vaporizers around. For people with tighter budgets, well, maybe you’ll fall so in love with one of these that you’ll have half a mind to start saving up pennies.

  1. The Volcano: The Volcano will go down in history as the best vaporizer in a medical treatment context for seriously ill patients, and as the early bird which really kicked off the vaporizing trend around the globe. The innovative use of a large balloon is just such a great and easy way to deliver the vapor to those that might not have the strength left to pull heavily like you sometimes have to with other vaporizers. Besides that, it’s also super fun to pass around with friends. If you’re alone and just appreciate the german engineering behind the Volcano for recreational use, you can even buy a whip extension so that you don’t have to patiently await the balloon to be filled with vapor.

The Flowerpot: This is that new kid on the block that makes the whole damn local population turn its head in awe and wonder. Sporting a high quality e-nail, this vaporizer works much differently than most, but with a very interesting end result. You can place the e-nail over a bowl of dry flower, or load it with concentrates…OR, you can do both at the same time, if you’re really trying to get wild. This vaporizer needs to be used in conjunction with a bong, so it creates a very unique mixture of classical pot smoking combined with modern vaporization technology. This one has a bit of a learning curve, so I do recommend to get this only if you’re not particularly rushed to get your sessions out of the way as simply as possible.

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