These are the Nutrients You Need to Have as You Age

Getting adequate nutrition might be a challenge if you cannot eat a variety of foods, and it’s also tricky preparing dishes that contain all the nutrients your body needs. You might even have favorite dishes that are not necessarily healthy.

The worst part is that as you get older, your body becomes less efficient in its ability to absorb critical nutrients, leading to potential illness. You might even receive a diagnosis of certain illnesses that prevent you from eating some foods. So, to solve this problem, you might want to consider taking some of the best supplements for men over 50. Getting started now is important for your future well-being. These are some nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is responsible for the creation of red blood cells to help maintain healthy nerve function. The problem that older people have is that they cannot absorb this nutrient effectively; so even if your diet consists of food rich in Vitamin B12, it might not be enough to provide for your needs at your age.


The lack of folate in your body could lead to anemia. You can get this nutrient if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but if you do not like eating these, you might be in trouble. You also cannot rely on fortified cereals which say they contain high folate; taking food supplements that contain folic acid is the most effective way to help solve this problem.


Calcium is crucial in building bones and ensuring they are strong, and it’s most likely the reason why you drank lots of milk when you were young. It does not mean though, that as you grow old you should not drink milk anymore. As you age,  you have even more reasons to consume calcium-rich food and drinks because your bones weaken over time. When you have weak bones, you will be more prone to fractures, and you might also be unable to do some physical activities as they put a strain on your body.


Potassium is also crucial for keeping your bones healthy. It reduces high blood pressure and reduces the risk of having kidney stones. You can get it from fruits like bananas and oranges; you can also eat various beans, carrots and other vegetables that are rich in potassium. If you eat enough of these foods each day, you will receive all the potassium you need. Otherwise, you need to consider food supplements.

Omega-3 fats

Fats always seem to be in the news. People believe that fat is bad for you; but current research offers some surprising and important facts: mainly that many fats are good for you! Omega-3 is usually present in fish like mackerel and salmon, and if you are only eating vegetables, you can get this nutrient from soybeans and walnuts. With an adequate amount of Omega-3 in your body, you will reduce the symptoms of arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. If you do not have enough Omega-3 in your system, you can find dietary supplements containing it.

You need to be cautious about what you eat and the type of nutrients that you are receiving, especially as you start to age. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or someone who also consumes meat, fish and dairy products, there can be gaps in your nutrition that can become more pronounced as you get older. Work with your doctor to identify foods and dietary supplements that can help you meet your nutritional needs at every phase of life.


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