Top Health Issues To Be Concerned About When You Reach 75

How do you imagine yourself at seventy-five years old? You hope that at that stage in your life, you will remain healthy and vibrant. Unfortunately, most life expectancies in various nations do not even reach seventy-five due to pollution, and abnormal increase in the rate of the spreading of diseases. However, it is still not impossible for you to reach that age. With proper nutrition and exercise, it’s possible for you to live through your old age.

You also need to meet with your doctor regularly for check-ups. Your body will be weaker and more vulnerable to diseases as you get older. It also helps to be aware of the various conditions that may hit you.


A stroke happens when blood flow from and to the brain is spontaneously cut off. It leaves the person with no control of his or her muscles and memory. If a doctor diagnoses you now with diabetes, you will most likely have this problem in the future.

This attack on the blood vessels can become severe enough to kill you. Someone dies from it every four minutes. If ever you get diagnosed of this illness, you can always recover from it by undergoing physical therapy and taking the prescribed medicine. You can prevent getting a stroke by lowering your blood pressure and losing weight starting now.


This is an illness that happens when the body makes too little bone, too much bone is lost, or both. It’s a common illness all over the world. Usually, you do not feel the effects of this disease when it is developing, so a lot of people call it a silent disease. You will never know if you already have weak bones. However, the primary symptom of this bone disease is when your spine starts to curve, and you lose height. Old age is ultimately the reason why you start to develop this disease. You can still prevent this from happening though by ingesting a lot of calcium-filled beverages and food.


This health problem is the unintentional passing of urine. This problem dramatically disrupts one’s daily behaviour to the point of even developing a fear of urinary leakage. Women usually end up suffering from this problem. In detecting whether or not you have this problem by the age of seventy-five, you can find out more about incontinence here and in health books. As a rule of thumb, incontinence enables your body to develop physical conditions such as infections, muscle spasms and skin soreness. You can regulate your possible incontinence by putting pads in your underwear and taking the prescribed medicine.

Old age makes our body weak and more fragile. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you get diagnoses with these diseases. Life does not end after your diagnosis though. You can still change your lifestyle and even recover from the disease. Start by changing what you eat and spending more time to exercise.

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