Types of roofing – how to choose?

If you’re a prospective house owner or someone that is looking to buy and/or renovate their home, you’re probably familiar with the abundance of options that you have for the roof material. Actually, slate, tiles, wood, corrugated steel roofs and many more can be difficult to distinguish between, technically. Although aesthetics is a purely subjective matter, we’ll gloss over the main items that could be deciding factors for your or anyone else’s roofing choice!

Your local climate

There’s no denying the fact that the environment and factors like temperature, moisture have huge impacts on the choices of materials.

All countries have different climates. Some have more temperate and predictable weather whilst others have a climate that can be labelled as anything but predictable. The more varied and the more extreme the weather is, the more capable your roofing material has to be. Enduring sun, wind, rain and snow is definitely challenging, so you have to calculate the extremes, related to the natural threats, posed by Mother Nature herself.

Slope on the roof

Sometimes the options are limited right from the get-go. And not just because there are budgetary constraints but rather due to the fact how the house itself, is built. For example, ceramic tiles might only be applied to a roof with a relatively larger slope whilst something like tar-and-gravel are suitable even for level roofs.

Take a look at the blueprints of your project or get a contractor to do the measurements for you. They will evaluate the object and make an estimated prediction as well as get you quotes for potential roofing options.


Of course, the aesthetic or appearance discussion is entirely subjective and not at all objective. Everyone can have different tastes and thus, there is no right or wrong answer.

But, the only thing that we recommend strongly is for you to consider the whole architectural stylistics of your building as well as the look of homes that are in the neighborhood and/or proximity to your building.


Some materials are costlier than others. Some options are much harder to put up, when compared to others. Both of these factors come into play whenever you’re trying to make the decision, hence, it’s going to be influenced by your financial limitations.

Corrugated roof or asphalt surface might be the cheaper options but they aren’t always the most classy approach, hence, for historic buildings or for something with a genuinely auth.

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