Water Purification System? Here’s a smart choice for your home

Drinking unpurified water is becoming increasingly dangerous in today’s world. Still, most Indian households still use tap water or municipality water as their primary source of drinking water even today. The good news is, this scenario is changing day by day and people are becoming more aware of water purification systems. Getting a water purifier for home will save you a lot of troubles, health-wise, in the long run.

The best water filters in India mostly uses RO + UV technology, in addition to various other technologies and features. These water purifiers are pretty effective as tap water filters. Still, the larger portion of our country’s population will not be seen installing them. Wondering why? Well, the financial investment that a water purification system claims is one of the main reasons that put them off. Most people don’t think it’s necessary to spend about 15000-30000 for installing a water purifier for home, and keep spending a considerable amount of money every month to use that machine, then coughing up even more for its upkeep and maintenance.

Instead of using a tap water filter or water purification system, people nowadays prefer buying water jars of ‘mineral water’ manufactured by local companies. While this saves you money, the quality of the water is questionable. So what do you do when you don’t want to spend a large sum in a water purifier, but don’t want to compromise with the quality too?

The LivPure Smart rents you water purification system without any installation charges. Yes, you read that right. With this system, you pay for purified water per litre basis. You can even choose from several monthly plans according to your needs and budget. It is packed with the most impressive water purification technologies like RO+ UV+ UF + Taste Enhancer. Every drop of water comes through a 7-stage purification process, ensuring complete protection from all water-borne diseases. What’s more exciting is that you pay absolutely nothing for the rented system, for installation, for maintenance or for security. You only pay for the amount of water you use every month, which is as low as RS. 1.2 per litre. That’s cheaper than all of the best water filters in India, or your locally produced water jars.

If you are planning to install a water purifier for home, it is currently offering a 7-day free trial. The monthly plans currently available are:

Silver Plan: Ideal for singles, Rs. 350 for 117 litres/ month, addl. Usage @Rs.3/ litre

Gold Plan: Ideal for 2-member families, Rs. 450 for 188 litres/ month, addl. Usage @Rs.2.4/ litre

Platinum Plan: Ideal for 3 to 4-member families, Rs. 550 for 306 litres/ month, addl. Usage @ Rs.1.8/ litre

Titanium Plan: Ideal for 4 to 6-member families, Rs. 650 for 542 litres/ month, addl. Usage @ Rs.1.2/ litre

The LivPure Smart is a revolutionary concept introduced for the 1st time in India. If you haven’t installed a water purifier in your home, this is the perfect opportunity to get one with zero investment.

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