What is the average cost of live-in care?

As your parents or loved ones get older, you’re conscious of wanting to give them all the support possible to ensure they have a great quality of life. If you can’t commit to providing this yourself, you may have pondered the option of a live-in carer. It’s likely you have many questions, specifically around the cost of a live-in carer and whether it’s a viable option for your family. In this post, we cover the benefits of live-in care, plus the average costs of live-in carers and how Rosemont Care is here to support your loved one with all of their specialised care needs.

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is when a specialised carer provides 24-hour care for a client by moving into their home and living with them. This allows them to assist clients around the clock with any tasks they require and can be tailored completely to a client’s individual needs.

What are the benefits?

You may be wondering about the benefits of live-in care when considering seeking support for a family member. There are many perks of this level of care, for both the client and the family as a whole. Below are some of the benefits of a live-in carer:

A personalised service

Live-in care provides a personalised service that cannot be found in care homes. The carer works solely to assist their client on a 1-1 basis, meaning they are better looked after overall.

Peace of mind for families

Having someone living with your loved one who provides 24/7 support offers complete peace of mind for concerned families and releases all worries and stress.

Comforting for clients

Clients often feel much more comfortable with live-in care as it means they get to remain in their own homes. Many older people struggle with changes in their routines and environments as they get older, and live-in care provides them with the help they need without any major upheaval or stress.

What is the average cost of live-in care?

The cost of live-in care may be more effective than care home fees, especially if you have a couple, for example, who both require care. In this case, a care home would charge fees per person, whereas most live-in carers charge a daily rate.

This can average between £120-£140 per day for basic duties. For clients with more needs and supervision, this can double. It is important to be aware that a live-in carer needs at least 8 hours of sleep per night, so if your family member requires even more supervision, this could also cost you extra.

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