Why Choose Bathroom Shower Panels over Wall Tiles

Traditionally, tiles were installed on bathroom walls to protect the walls from soaking. Tiles were also hygienic as they are non-porous. It is important to note that there is no major drawback with tiles. However, bathroom remodelling is a great way to keep your bathroom fresh, unique and stylish. Today, we have bathroom shower panels. These have great features that make them better than tiles.

They are easy to install

Compared to tiles, bathroom wall panels are very easy to install. For tiles, you need to lay individual squares, apply grout and make sure that they are straight. Shower wall panels, on the other hand, come in sheets of up to 1 metre in size. When installing these panels, you just need to fix several sheets which is very easy and fast. For PVC wall panels, you need screws and adhesive to fix them right.

If your bathroom is fitted with wall tiles, you don’t have to remove them to install waterproof bathroom boards. These boards can be easily installed over damaged walls or existing tiles. Their simplicity also makes the installation process cheaper than installing tiles.

They are waterproof

Shower wall panels are the best choice for your bathroom as they are completely waterproof. Although tiles are waterproof, water is likely to soak into the grout around them. Looking at a tiled bathroom, you will find mould forming around the tiles. As for bathroom wall panels, they are completely waterproofed, hence no chance of moisture penetration.

They don’t discolour over time

There is nothing disappointing like a discoloured bathroom wall. Some tiles will look perfect on the first day of installing but lose their colour with time. Contrary to tiles, bathroom wall panels are made with quality finishes that last for years.

Easy to maintain

Bathroom wall panels are easy and cheap to maintain. For tiles, you need to clean them regularly. You also need to scrub the grout to remove mould.

Shower wall panels can be cleaned with a wet piece of cloth. You don’t need special detergent to effectively clean these boards.


Although tiles are said to be long-lasting, chances of breakage are very high. Bathroom wall boards are strong and durable. Once installed, there is no chance of breakage. Installing quality bathroom wall panels is a long-term solution to your bathroom needs.

There are different types of bathroom wall panels. The major types are PVC, acrylic and MDF constructed wall panels. To find the right choice, you need to consider your bathroom size and budget.  Although these wall panels cost more than tiles, you can find a great deal by comparing quotes from different manufacturers. Wondering where you can find the best shower boards? Perform a simple search online and you will come across hundreds of shower wall panel suppliers.

Image: pixabay

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