Why Do People Prefer Getting Cremated?

Cremation vs burial is an ongoing debate in the United States. Over the past few decades, the number of people turning to crematories for cremating their loved ones has risen dramatically. Why do people think of cremation washington state as a better option? According to experts, crematories offering cost-effective and environmental-friendly services are two primary reasons people prefer getting cremated. This article enlists a few expected benefits that contributed to the popularity of cremation.

  • Cost-effective option

Looking at the general price list for all funeral homes or crematories in the United States, it can be found that cremation washington state costs are much less than burial. On average, the cost of cremating a deceased is around 40% to 50% less than a burial service. The reason for this is that there is no need for the families to purchase additional items like caskets or headstones for cremating their close ones.

  • Environmental Concerns

Cremation of a deceased is not as natural as green burial; however, it is more environmental-friendly than a traditional burial. On the one hand, a traditional burial requires land, a coffin, and harsh chemical to embalm the remains. On the other hand, crematories involve fewer resources, and they do release emissions, but new equipment is being developed constantly to reduce pollution.

  • Simplicity

A crematory offers a much simpler process than a burial service. Generally, when people opt to bury their loved ones, they will have to book a funeral service along with burial and coordinate things with the funeral home. While many still prefer holding a traditional funeral along with cremation, the associated ceremonies don’t require much planning immediately following the death of a close one.

  • Flexibility

With burial, families usually have two options- having a coffin placed in a mausoleum or interred underground in a plot. At the same time, cremation washington state gives several options concerning what families can do with the ashes of their loved ones. Families can store ashes in a beautiful urn, scatter them at a particular location, or keep a small portion in memorial jewelry. There are multiple creative things that people can do with cremated ashes giving the deceased a unique and respectful goodbye.

  • Transparent option

Some funeral homes frequently include several hidden costs in the funeral bill. This additional cost hikes up the budget of a family and ends up burdening them financially. However, with cremation, people will know how much budget they need to cremate their close ones. This way, family members can protect themselves from a financial burden.


People find working with crematories a more convenient option. When cremating a deceased’s body, family members will not have to worry about making the arrangements required for traditional burial. Creation is a simpler and faster option. And also, people get the chance to have and keep the ashes of their loved ones in a beautiful urn. Moreover, cremation is a great way to give back to nature. When people are cremated, their ashes can be scattered and returned to the earth. In such a way, the complete cycle of nature takes place.

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