Why Has Vaping Become So Popular?

Vaping is a relatively new trend which has taken many parts of the world by storm, it is done using an electronic cigarette and its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down. For a long time, there was no healthier alternative to cigarettes, but since the arrive of e cigs, consumers have another option. A lot of scientific studies suggest that vaping is safer than traditional cigarettes for various reasons.

How Does It Work?

The vast majority of people have no idea how e cigs work, they’re under the assumption that they are the same as regular cigarettes only a bit more stylish. The truth is, e cigs are very different from traditional cigarettes, they have varying compartments which each hold an important part of the device. Not all e cigs are the same, but all of them are constructed using 3 essential parts.

  • A battery is required to power the device.
  • The tank contains the e liquid, this is what is heated to create the distinctive smoke that you see when users exhale. But you must note that there is no real smoke involved as you’d see from tobacco being burned, the “smoke” you witness is vapor.
  • The atomizer is connected to the battery, this section of the e cig heats up the liquid turning it into vapor.

You’ll also need to purchase juice or e liquid as it is known. This is put into the tank of your device and you can buy all kinds of flavours including whiskey, mango, and coconut. Suppliers also offer e liquid with varying levels of nicotine, so you can choose what strength you’d like to use.

Who Uses E Cigs?

Electronic cigarettes are mostly used by the 18 – 35 generation, but they are becoming very popular with people of all ages. A clear majority of vapers are ex-smokers who wanted to change from cigarettes or are hoping to use e cigs as a way to kick the habit permanently. Over the past few years, many doctors and health specialists have come out and endorsed the use of e cigs as a means to quit smoking. This has made them very popular amongst individuals who have tried other methods of smoking cessation and found them unsuccessful.

Why Does the Vaping Industry Continue to Thrive?

There are numerous reasons why it continues to grow, some of the main factors include:

Smell – One of the biggest things people like about vaping is that it doesn’t smell bad and it won’t have your clothes stinking of smoke.

Safety – Vaping is a lot safer than using cigarettes, not just in terms of your health.

Convenience – They are easy to purchase online from numerous reputable suppliers.

Finally, we have a healthier alternative to smoking that can clearly help people to permanently break the habit. Although vaping isn’t for everyone, it definitely has numerous advantages over cigarettes. It is safer for both your health and your property to use electronic cigarettes, and you can get that nasty smell off your clothes by switching to e cigs.

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