Why It Is Important to Know the Difference Between Single Hung And Double Hung Windows

You have made your mind that you want to replace your windows with hung windows. One thing that comes to your mind is the difference between single hung and double hung windows. Apparently, it is important to be aware of the difference to make the right choice in your selection.

Firstly, a single hung window consists of one operable sash. The upper sash is permanently fixed while the lower sash is the one which is operable. On the other hand, double hung windows come with both sashes that are movable. Take your time and learn more about some of the significant advantages that are associated with single hung windows

  • Lower Initial Purchase Cost

A simple window design implies limited movable parts. That is true with single hung windows. There is no hardware required to cover the upper sash because it is permanently fixed. The only device needed is that for mechanism necessary to make the bottom sash movable. The cost of single hung window ranges from 10%to 25% cheaper than the double hung window.

  • Durability

Any window design is anticipated to last for some years. When you opt for the single hung window, you are guaranteed many years of service. This is because this window design doesn’t have many moving parts.

  • Windows and Home Security

This is one striking difference between single hung and double hung windows. The single hung window is more secure as compared to the double hung window. Unlike single hung windows, double hung windows can be accessed easily by burglars by getting to the room through the window. Because all the sashes are operable, the burglar can access the window and grab anything in the room and escape before the arrival of the police.

  • Solution to Energy Efficiency Issues

Unlike in the past, nowadays single hung windows are manufactured using double pane glass. That is an essential property that reduces heat and cold transference between the interior of the home and outside. Because there is only a single movable sash, there are no so many points where the materials of the window can wear and allow development of drafts.

All these factors work together to make sure that only minimal energy is required for heating and cooling of the house. In the long term, you will realize you have saved a great fortune on energy costs alone

In conclusion, the knowledge of the difference between single hung and double hung windows is essential when choosing either of the window design to serve you best. There are some benefits offered by each of these windows. To know more about these benefits, make arrangements with your contractor to visit your home. After careful inspection of the condition of your windows, he will assist you to go through these two designs, and you will be able to make an informed choice on the window design to go for.

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