Why should you build your own den at home?

What’s common between Sherlock Holmes, Batman, and Churchill? They all had a “den”. A place of seclusion which they designed themselves echoing their personality and a place which they could call their own. Some chose to read and write, some to develop high-tech technology to save the world.

Most great men in history have had places where they could go to, so they could be alone with their thoughts and perform activities with deep focus. Even if you don’t have a large trophy collection or library to occupy your den, there’s just something inherently creative and a feeling of accomplishment when you build it.

However, most of us don’t have the time or the budget to build an exceedingly large “den”. Alternatively, some of us may have kids, and you could want them to partake in this entertaining task with you. That’s where the toy dens come in. But don’t feel too easy, now. Despite being a “toy”, they are almost as challenging to build as a real den.

Following are some reasons why you should build your own den at home:

1) Budget-Friendly

Very few activities have such a high ratio of fun-to-money-spent as a building a den. You can get one off forcheap from any major retailer in your country. But, if you like in the UK, I recommend going to theworks.co.uk to buy one. They have countless DIY dens to buy fromand provide the best bang for the buck.

One particular den that I really liked was the 75-piece kit which can be utilised to create multiple things: forts, castles, igloos and more. If you have kids that you want to build a den with, you’ll absolutely love this, and this way you will all feel you are a part of it while building it.

2) Teamwork

Unlike watching movies together, building a den requires teamwork and coordinating with each other to build it. You can have fun together while doing something, or you can do something together and have fun. There’s quite a difference.

The latter is quite beneficial in order to improve mutual understanding and get closer to one another, whether that be family or friends. I mean, the family that builds dens together stays together,right?

3) Creative Problem Solving

I would be lying if I said that building a den is an easy process. It requires creativethinking; which modern societyhasaccustomed us to not using that often.

Build your own den given that it requires a lot of creative thinking. In building the den as well as designing what you put inside, you utilise the right side of your brain and enhance your creative abilities.

4) Physical Exercise

In a time where most kids and adults are busy with gadgets and sitting on the couch, building your own den is an entertaining activity that is amusing as well as takes you off your couch to actually build something and move. Once you get the hang of it, you may as well as try assembling the den in different places such as outdoors. Over-time you can evolve that by building a tent in the forest. Forget running on the treadmill and other boring exercises.Build your own den instead. Do it with your family and friends to have maximum enjoyment.

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