Why Turkey is the Best Place for a Hair Transplant

The advances in hair transplant technology have made the process much more popular, as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has overtaken Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) as the most popular method to restore a mans hair. Aside from being more effective, FUE is also cheaper than the other method, and this pioneering technology was developed in Turkey, which is internationally recognized as the hair transplant hub of the world. Turkish clinics are state of the art, and because of that, the best hair transplant surgeons prefer to work there, and if you would like to do something about that receding hairline, here are a few reasons why Turkey is the perfect destination.

  • Affordability – When you consider the cost of hair transplant in London, Turkey offers massive reductions, and with the gorgeous weather and vibrant culture, you can kill two birds with one stone by taking a holiday. If you wanted to have the surgery in Harley Street, for example, you would be in the hands of a very competent surgeon, jet you can expect to pay in excess of £20k, yet the very best treatment in Istanbul would not even cost you half of that. Just because it is cheaper, you are by no means compromising in any way, the lower price is due to the lower cost of living, which allows the clinic to offer such attractive prices.
  • The Best Facilities – The top hair transplant surgeons find working in Turkey very attractive, and aside from the very best facilities, the cost of living is relatively low, and thus one can reduce one’s outgoings, not to mention the stunning scenery and lively culture in Istanbul. Since the 1980s, Turkey has been pioneering the hair transplant innovations, and the many benefits Turkey offers as a hair transplant destination makes it an obvious choice. London clinics, for example, will try to promote FUT treatment, which is more expensive and can leave lasting scars, whereas the much improved FUE technique is by far a better option for many reasons.
  • Holiday Combination – Because hair transplant surgery in Turley is so affordable, most people take the opportunity for an extended stay, and sampling the unique culture and temperate climate that Turkey offers. It is a good idea to take a few days off work after the surgery, and what better way to convalesce than a quiet holiday by the beach? You and your partner could take a 7-day holiday and even with the air fares, it would still be cheaper than a London clinic.
  • The Best Results – The reason why Istanbul has so many hair transplant clinics is that the treatment works, and with many referrals, all the top clinics do brisk business, especially in the summer months. If you want to look into the possibility of having the treatment, and online search would be the ideal place to start, and after some browsing, you should be able to narrow the list down to one or two. There should be many before and after images, along with testimonials from satisfied clients.

Any man who wishes to have the ultimate hair restoration treatment, should turn to Turkey as the ideal destination, and with state of the art clinics and the very best surgeons, satisfaction is guaranteed.

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